Lupe Tijerina died in a tragic car accident

Source: Lupe Tijerina died in a tragic car accident

Found on: 2022-09-26 18:21:53

This summer, many celebrities like Fernando del Solar Y Olivia Newton-John They died and left a great legacy. Now the music world is in mourning with the news that Lupe Tijerinasinger and accordionist The new cadets of the Tijerina cousinsdied in the early hours of this September 23, in a fatal car accident while on his way home to California.

The unfortunate confidence was made known by the musician’s son through a video that he shared on social networks, and in which, with tears in his eyes, he revealed that the impact would have occurred around 5:00 in the morning, although They do not know what the reasons were that caused the deadly incident.

“Today my father left in a tragic accident, he came from New Mexico. My old man didn’t get there, I don’t know if he had an attack, if he had a heart attack or fell asleep, but the car was destroyed, ”said his son through tears and completely disconsolate.

Tijerina’s son took advantage of the media and thanked all the signs of affection and solidarity that he has received from his friends, fans and colleagues in the world of music, and recognized that both he and his family are going through one of the most hard of your life.

“We have received a lot of support from family, friends and fans, thank you very much. This is not easy, it is very painful for us to adapt to not having it, “she explained.

In this sense, it should be noted that Tijerina explained that they have not been able to respond to the calls or the messages that have been made to them because everything is arranged to give the last “goodbye” to the singer.

“We will be letting you know where the funeral services will be and about his burial. Right now we are not answering many things because we are very damaged, but thank you, we love you and how people loved my father. Rest in peace, Lupe Tijerina Martínez”, he asserted.

Now, users on social networks are confused because in 2016 Mr. Lupe Tijerina of The Linares Cadetshowever, are not the same person, but cousins ​​with the same name.

Los Cadetes de Linares were a very popular norteño music group in the 1980s, where Guadalupe Fidencio Tijerina he was a vocalist. He was the last Los Cadetes de Linares, who died at the age of 69, after feeling bad during a concert in Ciudad Fernández, San Luis Potosí.

It was even Mario Quintero of The Tijuana toucans, who confirmed the news and wrote the following: “Our deepest condolences to the entire Tijerina family for the death of our great friend, colleague and maestro of norteño music, Mr. don Lupe Tijerina, accordionist and 2nd. voice of Los Cadetes de Linares, a group that contributed a lot to the history of norteño music at an international level”.

And it was his cousin Lupe Tijerina Martínez, who decided to continue with his family’s musical legacy by sharing the stage with famous bands like The Northern Tigers.

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