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In this video I explain luffy is racist which means luffy is racist thus making luffy racist which also means luffy is racist


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Watch more at: LUFFY IS 100% RACIST

32 thoughts on “LUFFY IS 100% RACIST”

  1. His strongest form his hair is white because the awakened rubber is basically representing the liquid rubber from trees cuz rubber comes from trees and it comes out white then rubber is made so that is why it had nothing to do with racism

  2. this guys just plain stupid LOL
    edit: bruuuuh i said that before i even watched it knowing it was dumb, this guy is just dumb as hell

  3. The fact that BLACK beard has an ability that’s very BLACK and Luffy hates him is also weird

  4. No..just no weir not gonna make luffy seem racist we all ready got people running around calling zoro racist

  5. Bruh he beat up Captain Kuro, Usopp, Kaido and Blackbeard. Not to mention Lucci, but only as soon as he turned out to be an african animal. This is so sad 😢😢

  6. lufffy is from brazil the country that is known as the one that that haved one of the badest african slavery


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