Liwet Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Immigration & Harrasment

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Source: Liwet Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Immigration & Harrasment


Respected Sir,

I’m one of those victims of human trafficking & Job assured & cheated by a small company named Liwet Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd., Company No: 1022612 – T, 10-3-1, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 15, Aked Esplanad, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Tel: +603-[protected], Fax: +603-[protected]. Name of the company is registered on Kandula Chandra Sekhar, Passport No: Z1808366 & Kode Sir Chaitanya, Passport No: F2065996 (Both are Directors) Supporting documents are attached as well for proof & reference.

This company Liwet Tech is established very recently on 31st October 2012.

Fake Activities of LIWET TECH:
 Trafficking of employees
 Making the consultants work on Visit VISA
 False promising a job and trafficking manpower from Hyderabad (Scubus Software Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad) & Bangladesh & other parts of India.
 For MSC approval they submitted fake proof documents / projects on the company names ATOS, North America and the project is not done or implemented at all, Fake document submitted with a fake stamp prepared by: Harbinder, Pnone No: [protected], Address:
 Shifting of Condominiums to avoid raid from Enforcement people & to avoid questioning by consultants on Job & Placements.
 Discriminating the local language of Malaysia & the religion, Chandra Sekhar Kandula always drinks and uses bad language on ISLAM & the Country, Malaysia.
 Gambling & Prostitution is his passion with the money paid by the consultants to come to Malaysia.
 Huge money is charged from immigrants for Employments Pass or VISIT VISA or Trade Permits
 Harassments & scolding’s & man handling is also a common attitude by this racist Chandra Sekhar Kandula.
 Chandra Sekhar Kandula & Kode Sri Chaitanya both do not process Director VISA officially inspite they travel to Malaysia on Visit VISA Only.
 Similarly Chandra Sekhar Kandula has another fake company named Chanvi Technologies and they do all fake VISA & human trafficking.
 is staying in Malaysia beyond the approved period
 has in possession any entry permit, pass or certificate which is false or altered or are involved in the making, falsify or alter an endorsement or document
 is involved in human trafficking or smuggling of migrants
 is involved as a guardian/employer hiring/harbouring illegal immigrants in the premises

This Company has violated all the major laws of Malaysia & Islam.

 Enforcement people have visited this company Liwet Tech three (03) times and verified & warned the staff who are on visit VISA & took some documents & photographs as well in the month of May last week.
 Only two (02) Local staff Lalitha Ramachandran & Norlina are stationed in the office, rest of the Visit VISA & Illegal Imigrants are deployed in 3/155, Jalan Jalil, Bukit OUG Condominium, Tower 11 & 6 & 3.
 Even on VISIT VISA Chandra Sekhar Kandula made SAP Consultants attend interviews esp. at PETRONAS, Tower 2, Interviewer Name: Prakash, Delivery Manager, IIFSC Team, PETRONAS, KLCC. Consultants Name: Manthena Sriramaraju, Passport No: K5698762, Sunkari Prudhviraj, Passport No: K2275936. All these guys have attended the Interview & their names have been registered in KLCC as well kindly verify.
 In each flat here are 10-15 People living in a very poor & unhygienic standards waiting for EP & job, which is a fake promise by Chandra Sekhar Kandula.
 Chandra Sekhar Kandula is starting another fake company on his concubine (girl friend) Name: Kota Greeesi, Passport No: H7760032 on the company name: Sprinkle Beauty Sdn. Bhd. On this company he is planning to deploy girls from Nepal, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangladesh, Delhi. His road map is to run a dance bar & flesh trade with those girls, which is against Allah & the principles of Islam.
 Similarly they have an office in SINGAPORE: Liwet Tech Pte. Ltd., 205, Henderson Road, #02-01, Singapore 159549 Tel: +65-[protected] Fax: +65-[protected], E-Mail: info.[protected]@liwettech.comablish
 And planning to establish in Sydney & Amsterdam doing all the same fake activities.

Being a father of a kid & my son has faced a trauma & mental tension & harassment by this company Liwet Tech MD Chandra Sekhar Kandula & Kode Sri Chaitanya.
Chandra Sekhar Kandula being a Managing Director he never behaves like that & drinks every day & is on drugs & brings prostitutes to home and asks all the consultants to see how he does all those bad activities. I’m really shocked to hear all these activities what my son & other consultants are facing. He brings pork & drinks & girls & forces to drink which is against my religion ISLAM. These sorts of fellows need to be hanged to death & banned entering all Muslim countries across the globe. Insha Allah hope my mail will revoke & alert the fraud & illegal activities carried out by Chandra Sekhar Kandula (Liwet Tech, KL). I hope the Enforcement, MSC & Immigration will take necessary actions on the illegal activities conducted by these fellows.
All the supporting documents are addressed & shared.

Found At: Liwet Tech (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Immigration & Harrasment

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