Listen to the White Racist Savior on who is corrupt, I go off and show the truth

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44 thoughts on “Listen to the White Racist Savior on who is corrupt, I go off and show the truth”

  1. Let The Awakening Begin.
    This man should be talking to the greedy, selfish, racist, self-centered insecure Western world, the so-called White people. But you know they will blame black people for being poor and yet they steal from them, for being lazy and yet they used them as slaves and colonized them and now accusing Africa of corruption yet they wrote the book on how to manipulate the gullible Africans.
    There was a time this White man would have been believed when implying that Africa was more corrupt than the Western world, but thank God that the awakening has began. Who could be more corrupt than the Western world especially the Americans who today live and claim a country (America) that is not theirs. This nation belongs to the indigenous people of this land called America. If he is going to point fingers at corruption he should look at everything the Western world stands for today, they are the creators of corruption, the children of Satan himself who is the father of all lies. Wake up Western world, Satan is deceiving you to believe and feel that you are blessed right now, but your reckoning is coming upon you, when the curse of Deuteronomy 28 has been fulfilled and God's people have faced their punishment and the curse is lifted from them. You will pay for what you did to God's children, as our God is a consuming fire and a jealous God (Hebrews 12:29), He will repay you for all you have done to his people. The wages of sin is death, according to the Word and your death is upcoming as He is a just and fair God.
    Every slave you owned, every Black person you killed on the streets and unfairly jailed, every land you stole from America and all the way to Africa where you used colonized God's people, all in the name of Christianity. All the "milk and honey" that were promised to and belonged to God's children that you used to support your lifestyles at the expense of these "poor Africans", all that blood is on your hands and if there is a God, whom we know exists, then you will reap what you have sewn as He is a God of his Word.

  2. it impossible to be corruption free because its greed in the world n humans are very flawed its will always be good and bad two side of the same coin

  3. yesssss so truth i wish african leaders can get out but its 2 late because if you lay down with dogs you surely enough you have fleas and fleas multiply

  4. My question is who's going to help him become righteous whose going to carry out all he spewed out of his mouth out of all the wicked countries of the earth the countries have led the whole world in wickedness they the European countries and some of the Asian nations are a stench in the MOST HIGH S Nostrils and will have their place in the lake of 馃敟

  5. The Wicked and the corrupt will always be victorious. Because they have no emotions. Many black people still believe that the "Meek shall inherit the earth". Never ever. Just like they believe that one day black people will get reparations. Never ever. You see black people have been brutally brainwashed by the same persons who enslaved them.

  6. There鈥檚 truth to what he says in the definition of corruption and it is abusive. Who he sees as being corrupt though is anyone except himself 馃ス

  7. Corruption and wicked…..The Most High God sits high and looks look, He sees 馃憖 you…the corrupt leaders of the world 馃寧

  8. I think…where the h*ll did this guy come from? The Church? What a joke…one of the most corrupt institutions in the world, not only in Africa. Some of these folks of European descent…smfh….That's alright though, their time is up!

  9. Lol. I don't mean to laugh but it's the sheer arrogance of white people! That white guy needs to develop some self awareness because all that he said described the group of people he belongs to. Westerners are the most corrupt people on the planet and taught the continent of Afrika all that she knows about corruption. Any corruption in Afrika is learned behaviour from European enslavers and colonisers… and the corruption that goes on in Afrika is child's play compared to what goes on in Europe.

  10. I'm like WOW, why is he speaking about his people and or what he did…
    SMFH 馃く馃槒馃ぃ馃憤

  11. Esau Has no right talking about anyone else on earth been corrupted he comes from the bloodline of devils

  12. Guys Colonialism ended more than 50 years ago but you still continue to keep all those old dinausorus. It is YOURS now to work on your country.

  13. You didn鈥檛 disprove anything he said. You only mentioned some more corruption. Talking about white corruption doesn鈥檛 erase the African corruption that he talked about. Obviously he鈥檚 done business there and had issues

  14. unfortunately I was reading these comments and not 1 person answered correctly here.
    If you read the scriptures properly The instructions the creator gave us was that
    the tribe of yashra`l judah (the negros -Hebrews) OUr task was of bring the truth to the earth he chose us to do this …and we failed at that
    so the creator let us go into slavery
    because of our disobedience.
    Our disobedience This allowed this corruption to flourish
    this guy talking in the video is a product of our error in not fixing this problem long time ago.
    thats the real truth of whats up
    by the way the african and the muslims sold us Negros to the "white man into slavery
    but the creator allowed this to happen
    because slavery is part of the story (its just unfortunate that some people abused their slaves and took the punishment to far).
    remember most perish for the lack of wisdom and alot of us we go on our own understanding of things ..when the creator knows EVeRYTHING !!!! he created wisdom

  15. I've never been to Africa, nor do I wish to go, We have enough problems here.. but that does not mean that you are not free to go.. have at it bro.. unsubscribed.. IDC.. NEVER HAVE..

  16. You all call creating a woman from the dna of a mans rib life. She was empty. Then black men and white men war over these creators killing the life the living Mama creates with her husband. No man owns the living Mama's wombs. Quit killing our babies in your racist war over men. You are giving the dead our paradise. Temples jails institutions graveyards and weeds. When providing is truly as simple as planting fruit and food. Everything else are the works of vanity destroying paradise to put man made food on man made tables . 馃様

  17. Dood, good speaking. I can鈥檛 not notice the bacteria traps at the end of your fingers. I never understood men whom don鈥檛 cut their fingernails!! Nasty!

  18. I tried . Just can't listen to a white man moralizing about corruption.
    He and his people are the epitome of corruption. Sheer hypocrisy !

  19. Everything this guy says is the United States of America and Europe's Middle and last name and this is how these nations got their wealth from Africa and the Caribbean. Pity he didn't know his church is as wicked and corrupt as everything he says he's actually talking about his self and his nations. Devil

  20. Africa is not perfect they still have ways to develop but when you have a nation who undermine policies of taking control over leaders and put leaders who can solve they interest that鈥檚 corruption.

  21. It鈥檚 a shame for the first person to say about corruption when the West are the most corrupt people who teaches the world about corruption from politics and putting food on the table they would do anything for Money 馃挵.

  22. Updated 6/7/21, How to come to God. How to get over to God. Repent, be sorrowful, ask for forgiveness, our Ancestors did bad things to others: slavery – enslaved Africas, forced the slaves to break the Ten Commandments. 1John 1:9 Pray without ceasing, morning, noon and night, 1Thessalonians 5:16-18; Matthew 6:9-13; John 20:1-18; 1Cor. 11:23-34. Stay in the Bible, prepare to help in the Ministry, learn and know the 66 books of the Bible, first begin with the book of Genesis which is the beginning of creation and teaches on Faith, take 8-12 months to know and learn each book; then go to the book of Acts which talks about the early church and what we supposed to be doing, James 1:22, Luke 11:28. The Lord calls people to the ministry and three (3) or more years later tells you what to do or anoint/annoint you to preach- you may feel like preaching -. God talks to us through Dreams, visions and impressions. Once I were telling my dad about a dream that I had, and he Stated with strong emotions, 鈥淟oretta watch those dreams鈥, he kind of scared me. I had dreams that came true about family members regarding deaths, etc etc etc and coworkers regarding pregnancies, etc etc etc. God speaks to us and gives us extra revelations between the pages of the Bible. [I read a passage(s) in the Bible, I tell an master of divinity student about it, and she want to know where I saw it in the Bible and asks me questions, I wonder why she don鈥檛 know, she supposed to know what鈥檚 in the Bible; but later I search for it, can鈥檛 find it and never see it again in the Bible]. [You see paintings, pictures, posters, murals and poems on the walls, relating to the Bible, and wonders why no one else notices/seems to notice it, nor stop to look at it, later you wonders about what you saw and why it were in those places: federal government offices during an Bible study, banks, ministers鈥 church offices].[you can hear in the spiritual realms]. Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:36-42; Isaiah 55:6; Nuhum 1:17; Luke 21:33. Don鈥檛 watch too much television, don鈥檛 listen to too much music, stay away from strong drink, smoking and forbidden meats, see Leviticus chapter 11. We are destroying and medicating ourselves with alcohol, weed and substances. We can鈥檛 sleep, we are born sick not too healthy psalm 91; we suffered injuries. We are having so much trouble, John 16:33, we are getting in so much trouble, things aren鈥檛 working out, we are always bored to death, always looking for something to get into or do; people are so mean to us and hard to be around, get along with and work together; we feel alone, are alone; our families and relatives don鈥檛 seem to care nothing about us, there鈥檚 secrets up in the family tree and we don鈥檛 have written/documented information on our family history. Job 14:1, 5:7, 7:1, 10:20, Genesis 3:17, Jeremiah 20:18, Psalm 89:47, Ecclesiastes 2:23, God gives us spiritual gifts upon our entrance into the world without repentance to use for the building up, edification of the Body of Christ..

  23. Hello 馃憢,

    We are on this earth 馃審 to worship God First, 鈥渇irst things first鈥, then everything else comes second, know your Bible with the Bible closed.

    2 Timothy 4:3. – 鈥減reach the word. Be ready in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke and exhort with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wonder off into myths. As for you always be sober- minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your Ministry.鈥!

    1corinthians 14: 33-40; Matthew 24:14;28:19, 20; 28:18.

  24. What is the Romans Road to salvation?

    The Romans Road to salvation is a way of explaining the good news of salvation using verses from the Book of Romans. It is a simple yet powerful method of explaining why we need salvation, how God provided salvation, how we can receive salvation, and what are the results of salvation.

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