liar, cheat, con artist, low self esteem

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Source: liar, cheat, con artist, low self esteem

darnell crawley Male | Atlanta, GA   liar, cheat, con artist, low self esteem
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I met him on a flight. We exchanged numbers. Started dating right away, he moved to D.C. for a short while and flew me out numerous times to see him. I became attached and felt this could be promising. We would go out to nice dinners and when he started drinking he didn’t know when to stop. Basically passing out. I went through his phone, wallet, pockets, etc and to my surprise out voice mails and texts of women stating they could not wait to see him, the kids couldn’t wait to see him. They loved him, etc. When I confronted him, he played it off as they were crazy and were doing it on purpose because he didn’t want to be with him. He conned me into believing him. I wrote down all their numbers and started calling one by one and they all said the same thing, had been with him for years. he was flying them out from Atlanta to D.C.. One woman was on her way to Las Vegas when I called her. Numerous women were married. All in all, everyone beware of this con artist, fake Rolex wearing man. He drives a white Porsche and Land Cruiser. Good luck for you and good riddens for me!

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Posted By: heartbreakUser Verified | 12/03/11 12:59 PM In my opinion Leo man are the most likely to cheat….but that`s just my humble opinion…so self centered, always needing their ego boosted…..blah… Login to reply | Report
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Name: darnell crawley Age: 42 Country: Location: Atlanta, GA Gender: Male Zodiac Sign: Leo Maiden Name: N/A Relationship Status: Single Profession: Government Education level: Bachelors degree University: N/A Found Cheating On: Other Ethnicity: Black or African American Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black Height: 6 ft 0 in Weight: 200 Tattoos: No

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