Lashey Hall — Bridge City, Louisiana

Found on: 2022-06-21 12:20:59

Source: Lashey Hall — Bridge City, Louisiana

I met my husband some time ago but we didn’t marry until later. I met her in college 2 years ago. She was in 2 of my classes that semester. She dressed like a prostitute everyday. Short revealing clothes. But she seemed smart and paid attention in class so I didn’t judge her. We ended up talking and getting cordial. 3 months into the relationship with him, we were just talking about our past. Like most people do. He showed me his ex and it was the same girl from school. The same girl he told me cheated on him plenty times. Was pregnant twice and neither children were his. Gave him an std numerous times. She seemed like a fast girl but I didn’t expect all that. I just stopped talking to her at that point. He and I went along with our life. Got married. Got pregnant and lost the baby. We had issues. We broke up. Worked it out. Got pregnant again. Lost our place and had a few more issues. Found messages on Facebook from his ex. I didn’t fuss much but worked things out eventually. I had the baby this year on January and things were going good. But then I found hair strands in his bed and a perfect lipstick pout on a pillow. I asked about it and saw the guilt on his face but he kept lying and saying it wasn’t him. So he had his lesbian cousin call me to tell me it was her who had a woman in the bed and I believed it. Until a week later, he confessed to cheating. I found it so hard to believe because things were going fine. But then he also confessed that she had gave him another std and it was possible he infected me!! You can imagine how ballistic I went. He says he wasn’t into it and felt bad. That he felt it was wrong and he stopped it all. Says he didn’t kiss her or go down on her. He felt set up and wanted to kill her. He claims she sent him messages on Facebook implying she wanted to sleep with him. The lipstick print I found was so perfect. As though she kissed it purposely so he’d get caught. Maybe she knew she had a std and wanted to give it to him hoping he’d give it to me. Thankfully after a clinic visit, I wasn’t infected at all. Which makes me know it was posed to come out that he’s been cheating. After asking him details about this incident, it came out that it happened previously. He slept with her and every way you can and obviously loved it that time. He kissed her. Went down on her and just about everything else. I asked. I had to know. He claims he never loved her, that she’s a whore, that she’s nasty, that her ass isn’t real. But yet, he goes back to sleep with her. Not only put himself but me in danger as well. All for some female he claims to know how to fu$k. To me, I felt it was done purposely too. She and I were gonna be friends but instead I stopped talking to her to protect my relationship. Ever since we got married, shit has been going on. Like she was out to ruin us. I love my husband very much but I feel betrayed. I’ve told him I am trying to get over it. It’s been 3 months but I still feel it as though he just told me. But as for her, she makes it a point to comment on everything I comment on on Facebook. I guess so she can be seen. Ugh. I actually wanna beat some sense into the whore but she’s been this way for years.. Don’t make sense trying to beat her ugly ways out of her.

Source: Lashey Hall — Bridge City, Louisiana

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