LAB asks for measures against occupational accidents after the…

Source: LAB asks for measures against occupational accidents after the…

Found on: 2022-09-08 16:47:50

The LAB union has called to participate in the mobilizations that are convened after the death of a worker in an accident in Olazagutía in order to show “support for family and friends” and demand that “measures be taken once and for all” .

As LAB has pointed out, the 55-year-old worker has been hit by a forklift in unknown circumstances at the moment. “Another workplace death, another family torn apart, and another social drama. Getting up to go to work in the morning and not coming back,” the union said in a statement.

LAB has explained that “time and time again” it has put “on the table that these accidents are avoidable, that the personal and social dramas that occur behind them can be avoided if prevention measures are followed”. “The risks arising from the use of forklifts are well known and the measures to be taken to avoid them are better known”, she added.

The union has stated that it has been denouncing that “in recent weeks occupational health reports have been made, but the indicated measures are not applied.” “It is known that work center passageways must be painted to prevent pedestrians from being run over by vehicles. Were the areas delimited? The same standard also regulates the necessary signage and intensity of light. Is the forklift properly maintained? Have the workers received the necessary training? Is there in the workplace, with high-risk activity, the figure of the preventive resource? Have the workers passed the appropriate occupational health care? The death of the worker is due to the failure of all or some of these factors. The duty of control and responsibility for all of them always falls on the employer”, he stated.

According to LAB, this situation occurs “because the death of a worker is cheap for employers and they take advantage of the pressures and insecurities that they generate to increase their profits.” “Capital, production, ahead of the lives of workers. For employers to act in this way, the collaboration of the Government of Navarra is essential. The fact of using the structures to control compliance with occupational health in an interested way, so that it does not bother the employers, it makes it ineffective. There is a political decision behind this situation, a political decision ultimately made by Maria Chivite”, he maintained.

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