Kristopher Hanson — LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Found on: 2022-06-17 19:00:53

Source: Kristopher Hanson — LaCrosse, Wisconsin

This is Kristopher Hanson. First and foremost he’s got MRSA-repeatedly infected. He will also screw any crack head who can help him score drugs. He has a wife and small children that he deserted to go screw a heroin addict in a motel room and then left the girl for dead when she OD’ed. He doesn’t see his children and doesn’t check on them. He loves to take pornographic photos with whatever 20 something he cons into sleeping with him and offers to buy them plastic surgery- all the while not giving a sh*t about the well being of his children-meanwhile his soon to be ex wife is thanking her lucky stars to have dodged this disease infest bullet. He’s an IV drug user, uses steroids and probably has hepatitis and lord knows what else at this point. He’s a compulsive liar and he’s gross and dirty. Don’t end up with VD ladies-stay away. He pretends to be this high class rich asshole all the while he blows his money on meth and hookers.

Source: Kristopher Hanson — LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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