Kim Lowe Wood — Rapid City, South Dakota

Found on: 2022-06-21 23:26:29

Source: Kim Lowe Wood — Rapid City, South Dakota

This disease infested woman gave my boyfriend chlamydia doing him in the walkin freezer at the convenience store where they worked, cause she thought he had oxy. She was married and everyone would see her minivan outside other guys houses when her husband was working nights. He finally found out, divorced her nasty ass and got custody of his kids. She is so jealous of his new wife, she’s beautiful, kind & devoted. Everything she’s NOT!! He was just a paycheck for her and when he won custody of his kids there went her meal ticket of child support. She’s a pathological liar, stalker, disease infested whore that needs exposed for what she is! She’s 46, she met some guy on Plenty Of Fish, she got pregnant, had an abortion and have the guy chlamydia, gonorrhea, and crabs. She is spreading disease and destroying people’s lives!

Source: Kim Lowe Wood — Rapid City, South Dakota

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