Kathryn Eve Navarro Bania Anthem, Arizona

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Source: Kathryn Eve Navarro Bania Anthem, Arizona

Kathryn Eve Navarro Bania has known for over a year that she has been dating a married man yet she is so pathetic that instead of ending it, she harasses me. She has decided to believe all his lies yet I show her proof and she still believes him. He was fired from his last job for doing the exact same thing. He was having oral sex while on duty. She thinks he was in the Marines before but he never served any time in any branch of the military. He went to college for two years but only has 6 credit hours to show for it. He changes his schedule so he can see her when I think he’s at work and he’s with her. I caught him several times before when I called his work at his last job and found out he took the day off. The same thing he did with this one. He only likes white girls and he told me he thought she was white never realizing she was Hispanic. Right now his face is swollen from a disease he probably got from her since she is a nasty tramp. I told him he probably got it from oral sex from her and she probably has something. So he is in pain right now because of her. He had a previous affair and as herpes 1 and 2 and I told this girl and she doesn’t believe it. Of course I made him get tested and on his birthday too. I was clean he wasn’t. This female is so immature she would call me all hours of the night screaming in my ear or leaving songs on my voice mail. She has gotten her friends to call and harrass me as well as their men. These people are so stupid to go along with this knowing their friend is having an affair with a married man. Yet he tells me he would never be with her nor her five kids. He says he will never raise another persons kid yet she says he is her boyfriend. He wants nothing to do with her kids and she thinks they have a relationship.

She actually text me one night calling me a whore! I am a whore yet who is sleeping with a married man? And knows he’s married. I gave her copies of all the emails from all the other women and some of them are the exact things he says to her yet she is so dumb she believes him. He says I secretly downloaded an app on his phone and put those text messages on his phone. That the text messages are from me. Yet there is no app on his phone nor is the phone in my possession when the text messages are taking place. He lied for almost a year saying his friend had two numbers. Swore up and down that he was not talking to a female. He will block her number when he is at home and unblock it when he leaves the house. Would text her when I was at work or driving home or he may go to the bathroom. Sometimes he would be texting her then me back and forth all day. He would be on the phone with her then answer my calls while having her on call waiting or vise versa. He plays on women telling them he is sick. He told one girl he was dying of cancer. I tried breaking up with him when we first met and said he was being rushed to the hospital and couldn’t breathe. He told me and almost every girl he was a virgin when he met us! Not! We would have sex and then he would not wash up then go meet up with her and she would give him oral sex yet she said she always made him shower first but often times they would just have oral sex in the car.

She is a very evil person and has no morals or values and has no decency. Had the nerve to say I was the other woman yet I am his wife. This woman is crazy threatening to send people after me. She is going to have her cousins and friends come after me because she is the mistress and she is the one who is sinning along with my husband. Its one thing not to know he’s married she knows he is.



Source: Kathryn Eve Navarro Bania Anthem, Arizona

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