JK Lightwala, Jignesh KRIZEE Review

Found on: 2022-11-04 18:20:26

Source: JK Lightwala, Jignesh KRIZEE Review

Jignesh Lightwala, also known as JK Lightwala makes false representations and runs and advance fee fraud network. He is not qualified to offer financial services, and has never worked at any of the banks mentioned in his CV. In fact, he barely speaks English.

The company director is under investigation for fraud, and forgery and has a long list of victims. He invites unassuming borrowers desperate for a loan into a luxury hotel in Dubai, and promises project funding in exchange for a deposit. He also uses documents issued by legitimate companies without permission. 

Every now and then the guy rebrands his company to prevent victims from finding out what he did under previous names. Now it’s K Z Raj Group.

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