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James Postrasija “Conman”

James took every penny from his parents. James father (a hard working immigrant from Croatia) has now lost his house and life savings and is now forced to live with his daughter. James, the father many kids with different mothers took each of their life savings and now has left them and moved on and has paid no child support. James has made many claims to ownership in many legitimate company’s as an attempt to get people to give him money as an “investment” where he has forged documents to try to make look legitimate. James is a drifter and preys on divorced women. He continues to claim he has a legitimate business by forging all sorts of documents to get money. He’s very convincing to his new victims in that they are truly investing into a company with real expectations of a return of capital. He is also been known to try to impregnate them on purpose in an attempt to gain more trust, take their savings and then changes the story about the investment and says he’s common law and does need to pay back any money. Beware of this creep.

Published at Sun, 17 Oct 2021 2:30:4 GMT

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