Is Joe Rogan a Racist? w/ Freddie Gibbs #Shorts

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Bill Maher and Freddie Gibbs randomly riff on Joe Rogan

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24 thoughts on “Is Joe Rogan a Racist? w/ Freddie Gibbs #Shorts”

  1. He didn't make a compilation and all those sound bits were taken out of context. He never called anyone that directly.

  2. You can have black friends and still be racist, hes definitely racist, when its just his white friends he tries to make them laugh by talking bad about the black race. He has to apologize because of his platform.

  3. Everyone, who is by all reasonable objective measures not a racist (as Joe Rogan clearly is not) has at some point in their life said a racist thing. Now can we get on with life knowing that even decent people are fallible and can fail at telling a joke?

  4. Whether he did the compilation, didn’t do the compilation, there shouldn’t be a enough film of him saying the word to MAKE a compilation, not saying he’s racist, it’s just not necessary. People will defend him for it though cause that’s just what comes with shit like this.

  5. Y'all white people can't understand you shouldn't say a word your people created for slavery, hate speech, racism. No matter how long ago it was. Wtf white people just give the black people a word you fucking created. so if you hated the word so much maybe your ancestors shouldn't have created it. I know why black people get so mad. They took the word you guys created for hate and made it as a brotherly term in their race they just don't want your race to say it anymore. And y'all still don't fucking get it. White people saying they're not looking into the context seem to forget that context.

  6. None of these industry niggas don't think anything is racist they get asked about, that's why I don't fook with any of them.

  7. Let's be honest lots of angry NOT all black ppl but the ones that lack or refuse growth, keep on saying nigga in casual conversations and in songs in hopes one white person to say it like we do so they can justify violence against another white person. It's either we can all say it or we all abandon it. Or just admit to being just as racist as the whites in pointed hoods.


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