Indians and Road Accidents Ft. Raghvika Kohli, Akshit Grover & Ankit Bharadwaj |…

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‘Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?’ to ‘Sorry bhaiya, galti ho gayi’ we have always had different road accident scenarios!
Watch Indians and Road Accidents and comment down the most relatable situation!

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Cast – Raghvika Kohli, Ankit Bharadwaj, Swarnadeep Biswas, Akshit Grover, Upender Yadav, Dishant Verma, Abhinav Verma, Ayush Tyagi, Ujjwal Aggarwal, Santosh, Ram Lalit.

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50 thoughts on “Indians and Road Accidents Ft. Raghvika Kohli, Akshit Grover & Ankit Bharadwaj |…”

  1. I moved to USA..!! here we never fight if we do accidents!! just stop and call your insurance company !! They will pay for the damage and who ever did accident will pay more insurance !! Simple !! Fighting is not solution for problem !!

  2. why u all Timeliners always show sardars like that
    sardar are not like this in real
    You always show punjabis and sardar doing these foolish things but in real they are so humble and calm but u never undstanf them and make fun of them

  3. Bro Clothes and perfumes shop pe video banao jo kapde to pasand kar lete hai but lete nhi rakhva kar chale jate hai πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. never understand where you find these kinds of sikh people and why you making fun always habibi come to Panjab and i will show you real Sardars ( Sikhs) and then u gonna stop making fun illiterate people saalee

  5. This shows that we all bharatwasi must not loose temper because it can fetch a criminal act and once a case is registered everything remains in hands of Prosecution Department and judiciary until and unless investigative officer is not corrupt and no political and muscle power is used , in the end Law prevails in every situation

  6. Last me sardaaro ka majak toh jaruri hota hai na udana bhen ke lodo tumhaari maa chhod dete hai na kyuki sardaar randi bacchon saalo lund pe chadd gaya tumhara timeliner aaj se saale madarjaat

  7. End seen was outstanding 😁😁😁😁😹😁😹😹😹😁😹😁😁

  8. Its not just drop in viewership but also drop in actual content, stereotyping Sikhs for cheap jokes was nothing new, but was slightly more creative, not even that anymore. 2022 Timliners is just pathetic, nothing else. Hope you can grow from this. And shout-out to creative team, you are the real dumb-asses here. Please make something of the Sub-Count number. Skits team has lost all talent, as their main cast moved on to actual impactful projects. SHAME ON YOU ALL. PLEASE BE FUNNY AGAIN IF POSSIBLE.

  9. Not them showing sardars as fuddu as if Bollywood hasn’t done enough damage….. how original… slow clap for timeliners πŸ‘

  10. I don't know this is with me or with everyone but ab vdos me wo mja nahi aata jo pahle aata tha un kuch characters ke sath ….πŸ˜’
    #ttl @thetimeliners bring back them..
    Sorry but this is an honest opinion
    A lil fan of #ttl

  11. Very bad acting by the driving teacher. Bring back old cast they were funny these new people are boring and videos are not funny at all


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