'I'm The Best Drunk Driver Ever!!! | Jayana Tanae Webb

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‘I’m The Best Drunk Driver Ever!!! | Jayana Tanae Webb
21-year-old woman accused of killing two Pennsylvania State Police troopers and a pedestrian on I-95 on Monday, March 21, after a tweet about her alleged drunk driving skills surfaced.

was driving the speeding car that struck and killed Trooper Martin F. Mack III, 33, Trooper Branden T. Sisca, 29, and Reyes Rivera Oliveras, 28

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43 thoughts on “'I'm The Best Drunk Driver Ever!!! | Jayana Tanae Webb”

  1. heard the lady is free on bail. Happy. If she had killed my family member, I would know where to find her .. with liberal justice all over, it ain't impossible to take JUSTICE into our own hands.. let her free!!!!!!!!!!! Compliments liberal judges. Biden fans for sure.

  2. First of all , how she 21 and drinking like that? Second how she 21 and thinking she’s the best drunk driver ???? Like I didn’t even know what to order at the bar when I was 21 how she living like that already? She got caught this early. she obviously been doing this for a LONG time and just now got caught. I’m sorry but these innocent lives been taken away for no good reason she needs to be punished. So when she comes out she knows better cause she was acting ratchet af. Talking like a whole alcoholic but you just started drinking and being allowed in bars ?!!!??? Damn I feel for her and her situation but she acting ratchet for no reason. If her all was 2.11 and the officers didn’t notice she CLEARLY be drunk drunk all the time her tolerance is through the roof. And now she was sentenced ?!!!

  3. One of the officers that pulled her over was one of the victims. They left her alone after a call on the radio stating "A man was in the middle of the freeway" and that's when they took off and left her.

  4. The same officers that were killed were the ones that pulled her over, they let her go after receiving a call for someone walking on the highway.

  5. this was all the work of the devil…how can two cops let you go while drunk btw and speeding 100 mph in a 50 and then you unknowingly follow them and kill them…devil's juice alcohol…feeling sorry for all the lives taken away..including hers

  6. She ain’t doin nomore then 12 years max look back at this when she gets sentence. Also the cops who got hit one of them pulled her over minutes before

  7. Great video bro got my sub, I learned my lesson when I was young with a DWI, unfortunately most people don't learn that lesson until it's to late.

  8. Man calling her cute you have to have higher standards. She isn’t cute she’s like a 6 with all her fake eyelashes and drawn on face. Pull the wig off and all the clown makeup and you’re waking up next to Tyrone.

  9. Social media also made it easier for us to do what we continue to do one another….exacerbate the issue and excoriate people for the masses pleasure….if any of you ever drove drunk, STFU period…everyone has and unfortunately she had an accident…he who without sin may he cast the first stone…its amazing how quick we are to bash our own, but dont bash those who affect out lives daily…yes she screwed up, but she aint making my gas six dollars, or my chicken fifteen, or raising my rent….she screwed up and have to pay the consequences, what good is dragging her now, she does not affect your life, but she does bring you followers…do better BROTHA

  10. Why she look so sad in the arrest video? Where all that Twitter energy at? Is she bipolar? Cause just a minute ago she was screaming she the best. NOW 2 dead cops and a few days later she looks miserable. No more smiles and giggles? What happened babygirl? Well I hope the people who care about you have plenty stamps and envelopes. Get a pack of pens too! Atleast NOW you can be the best writer. Just dont drop no tears…not now! KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY BABYGIRL…YOU GON NEED IT.

  11. She deserves the worst life can throw at her. What a fkn Moron, aside from being drunk wtf is wrong with people driving this fast. Fk everyone elses life right?

  12. You know that first officer feels horrible about the situation, I wonder if his fellow officers shun him now? If the troopers that passed family hate him? And if he will lose his job for neglect of his duties? And I believe the news reports said the driver of the other vehicle was killed aswell. And the fact she killed 2 troopers and possibly a civilian, i dont think there is any way she is getting anything less than life with parole after 40 years.

  13. The cops that stopped her are the 1s that got killed. They let her go to help a guy walking down the highway or what not they got there then she did

  14. Definitely will lose her ranking as world's number one drunk driver. Latest AP poll has her ranked at 57th now 😂

  15. Aren't chin straps on helmets and hats supposed to be worn under the chin to keep your hat from blowing off of your head? So why do state cops always wear them under their lower lip? 😀

  16. This is eerie.
    She gets pulled over by two troops for speeding but they let her go to help a man walking on the highway then she ends up killing the two troopers and the man they helped.
    You can't make this stuff up.
    I do wonder what she was dealing with on the inside that made her drink so much.

  17. 110 in a 50🤔. Oh wow. That will most definitely have you wondering why she wasn't arrested to begin with (earlier that day). Prayers to the families🙏🏾🙏🏾

  18. Often GoFundMe for fallen public safety are for additional support for the family who’s lost their source of income.
    I know of one fund for a officer who was killed that raised over $200K.

  19. She needs to be locked away for a long time if not for life. The fact that she bragged about speeding? Made a conscious decision to drink and get on the road? Nah fam she killed 2 troopers and 1 civilian judging by her tweet she has done this before so throw her ass away. I have no sympathy


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