iComeUp Marketing – Not organic Whatsoever

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Source: iComeUp Marketing – Not organic Whatsoever

iComeUp Marketing – Not organic Whatsoever

Picked up a package through icomeup about a year and a half after I used their services. The first time around they did attempt to organically follow/unfollow users for me, but it slowly started fading as algorithms changed, to the point where I was charged for multiple months without any real service or communication on my page.

Second go round was with a similar promise of organic growth as well as coaching which I really wasn’t interested in.

After naively trying icomeup again I purchased their smallest current package offering. After a few days I hadn’t had much communication. I started reading more and more about the poor services the company had been providing and was alarmed with the negative impact the service actually creating on accounts. I pulled the plug, took the loss and was contacted by multiple people as to why I left so quickly after paying.

Flash forward nearly 3 weeks after I cancelled and boom, 100s of fake accounts followed my page within an hour…when you look at these accounts nearly all have one post and that post was within 24 hours.

Meaning, iComeUp just paid for/created fake accounts to make it seem as if they are growing your page.

Absolutely not organic or beneficial at all! Dont be fooled by this company and their offerings, it will truly do you more harm than good for your page.

Monetary Loss:

Preferred solution:
Full refund.

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