I Went To The MOST RACIST Town In New York City! *Got Heated*

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JiDion Reacts To Niko Omilana Pranking The Most Racist Man In The World!

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35 thoughts on “I Went To The MOST RACIST Town In New York City! *Got Heated*”

  1. How are you guys actually agreeing with this? He’s just saying it’s the most racist town bc there’s not a lot of black ppl it’s not chappaquas fault that there not a lot of black ppl they don’t control who lives there??

  2. Chappaqua moms is a shitty crappy group of idiots..if u agree u r in..if not u r out…racist to the core..bitches

  3. I’m a take credit, that viral video they talkin about I exposed that video in 2020. I posted it on my instagram along with a bunch of other racist ish I experienced living in westchester. I live in the next town over, Pleasantville. Lemmme tell you Chappaqua moms we’re all in dms threaten to sue me and take me down. It was a few crazy months


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