I Went to the Most Racist Town in America!

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50 thoughts on “I Went to the Most Racist Town in America!”

  1. I'm a Harrison native and I am so happy to see our town in a more positive light. Thank you for coming to visit and please know you are WELCOME to come back anytime. When I turned 18, I moved away from here to get away from the stigma but then decided to move back to try to prove it's a great place to live and try to be the change. On your next visit, check out the Buffalo National River. It is a sight to see! <3

  2. 19:38 how u gone say u don’t want to label the town racist but literally have it in the title of the video? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. I’d be mad too if I was white. We on top of EVERYTHING. Sports, music, entertainment, movie stars, etc. now when you go to the club your white grand daughter dancing on ah Nigga to some Nigga music lmao. They can’t escape it. I’d be mad too ❤️🤞🏽

  4. Funny though I bet if he did his DNA on 23andme Tom would most likely have a little black in his DNA. I did mine and I have 6 different types of African in my DNA, Chinese and Native American and the rest is UK, and European

  5. 8:08 that sign is starting to not have any meaning cause these whites aren’t not xenophobic enough or surrendering their racist vibes, in this town white pride radio is some kind of website linked to a radio station

  6. Did he say they use to cut the tails off of black people. Any possibility they had the kid turned around backwards? That’s not a tail! Haha nah all jokes aside wtf does he mean?

  7. The most racist person in this video is you for trying to force your blackness on the town. They weren't bothering you

  8. Similar in fashion when conan O'Brian went to Finland. The whole country was going crazy over him, he did a weather report on tv there, met many government officials, got invited to peoples homes and actually went, it's a good watch both jidion and conan

  9. To be fair black lives do matter but the organization is bad.They tear down statues,change are history,and more.Also the slave and hatred to them was like 100 years ago.(Besides the Martin Luther King stuff.)And white lives do matter,why don't we just say all lives matter and all this nonsense with everyone is stopped

  10. I went to the ACTUALLY most racist town in America. It actually is a city. One of the biggest in the world. New York City, New York.

  11. It funny that they have a church that teaches that Adam and Eve were white and therefore pure, because 90% of the prophets in the Bible were middle Eastern or African. Literally the only time where white people are in the Bible are Roman’s and they are portrayed as evil God denying heathens.


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