HPD Patrol Vehicle Hit By Possible Drunk Driver | Houston

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05.01.2022 | 2:58 AM | HOUSTON – HPD VCD Units are investigating a crash involving a HPD patrol unit and two other vehicles.

It was reported a HPD unit was in route to a call. The officer was stopped at a red light facing north at Airline Dr and Little York Rd.

A civilian SUV was stopped at the light in the lane next to the officer.

A sedan traveling northbound on Airline crashed into both the HPD patrol vehicle and SUV.
The officer was not injured.

A female driver who was the only occupant in the SUV was transported by ambulance with non life threatening injuries. She was able to walk into the ambulance under her own power.

The male driver and male passenger in the striking vehicle did not sustain any injuries.

The driver was taken into custody for suspected DWI.

Investigation is on going.

For licensing, contact [email protected]

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20 thoughts on “HPD Patrol Vehicle Hit By Possible Drunk Driver | Houston”

  1. What's up the HPD beardfest? Haven't seen this many beards in one place since I was in the Navy in the 1970s. That would be the old Navy to today's young sailors. Beards were still allowed in those days. ✌

  2. What’s f up is they didn’t do all that last mnth when the off duty Pasedena police officer hit a hpd patrol officer off 225 total bs I will be filing a complaint with the city and Pasedena what a fuckin double standard. Come on on the scene do yalls research

  3. People are very stupid to take that drunk test. A pen in your eyes and their fingers almost touching your nose walking a straight line. They can stick all that s*** in their eyes prove that I've been drinking it's the burden that lies on the police officer not we the people

  4. That cop giving the test is a cutie.
    I never get stopped by a cop.😒
    I don't want to endanger anyone or myself, but man, it would be nice to be stopped for a light out or something. 😅😅🥰
    Thanks for the video. Glad no one was hurt.

  5. Why bother arresting anyone for dui. Courts just let them go without charges. Yesterday COPS DID THEIR JOBS BUT WHEN HE WENT TO COURT, THE JUDGE SAID IT WAS HIS FIRST DUI SO LET HIM GO WITH A WARNING. NO CONSEQUENCES ANYMORE FOR ANY CRIMES COMMITTED, NONE. Need to defund prosecutors and judges so not to keep wasting taxpayers money.

  6. Hitting a police car, drunk, takes some skill. Looks like the driver is going to be doing a lot of explaining to the judge

  7. The officer is not injured but the officer will feel it later on, that’s the same thing that happened to me, someone hit my vehicle from behind while I was at a red light. They were going at 40 mph, they didn’t even try to stop. It’s been about a year and I had treatment for it but nothing works.

  8. What is it NO SHAVE YEAR for the PD or what…. very unprofessional in my opinion, plus if a officer does something wrong to someone then shaves makes it harder for the victim to make a positive I.D. on that officer.


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