How Racist is Trump Towards Black Americans

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PLEASE, WATCH THE VIDEO UNTIL THE END. Let’s have a healthy conversation in the comments section.

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How Racist is Trump Towards Black Americans

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Watch more at: How Racist is Trump Towards Black Americans

33 thoughts on “How Racist is Trump Towards Black Americans”

  1. Charter schools created for the GIFTED POOR CHILD –
    WHY would anyone back ending charter schools!!??? Uniforms work private poor folks school better curriculum for smarter kids

  2. IVANKA pushed for Trade Schools to be covered by govt grants like community college-lets not forget my girl!

  3. Tell yo friends “Sticks & Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”! Just “show me the money/jobs jobs jobs”… 70 months is 6 years and 2 month reduction on average sentence!

  4. Trump won the “Rosa Parks” award for giving & helping (with jobs & such) to the New York Black community as a business man-! Along with Muhammad Ali & Rosa Parks herself- So done with the racist BS LIE on Trump! 😎😎😎

  5. And that is exactly why the Democrats hate Donald Trump so bad and started all this bull crap about Trump being racist is the man perfect no he is not guess what none of us are they hate him so bad because he was actually trying to fix things trying to make things better for everyone not just for white people or just for black people or just for Hispanic people for everyone we need to get rid of this bull crap that these people have a permanent job in the White House they should be elected no more than every 4 years just like the president that way when they become old and senile and too stupid to think for themselves they can be removed and replaced by someone who is at least a decent human being Candice Owens for president I want to see what that woman can do for this country extremely intelligent ain't afraid of no one because she knows she's smarter than them and she's hot I would actually pay attention to the news just to see her

  6. People disliked Trump because of the media. He knew the swamp was dirty and he wasn’t a politician. He would not go along with the garbage Biden is accepting now. The reason the virus came out was because of Trump. The world is suffering because of evil people that didn’t want him as a President.

  7. I would really like to see a video covering all the "racist" statements Trump made, then shown with a contextual explanation. So many things were quoted out of context and every time I researched, the whole context had a completely reversed meaning. I literally watched his Covid press conferences, then immediately saw on the same channel directly after the conferences, the news twist and cherry pick his words into horrible misinterpretations.

  8. In the early 70's Donald Trump was fined by the NYC Housing Authority for blocking black families from renting in the apartment buildings he owned. Trump would tell them there wasn't any apartments available. I think BLM would think that's racist. I'm sure when Trump and his administration went after BLM during protests against the murder of George Floyd, I think BLM would see that as racist. Trump called for the execution of the Central Park Five even though they were all innocent. If you don't know, Trump said there were some fine people in the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists groups. I think most people on the KKK's hang them from trees list would consider the entire group of KKK as racist. The point that Trump doesn't understand is the KKK by definition can't have any fine people in it. I guess the LFR family surprisingly doesn't know that. Do you Trump Traitors know when Trump says America first, and bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. that the Trump family still has their shit made in China, Phillipines, South America etc. Why don't some of you traitors look into that. You won't research that because you don't want to know why you're wrong. Whats shocking is none of the people commenting here and kissing the ass of Donald Trump, seem to know or care that Trump attempted to tear down our Democracy on Jan 6th. Any you people ever read a book on American history and found out what attacking our Democracy to grab power is sedition, ignoring his oath of office and the Constitution. It looks like the LFR family also doesn't know that Trump's support of law enforcement includes having his far right violent militias, like the proud boys, kick the living shit out of the Capitol police. They sent 140 policeman to the hospital and later 5 died.

  9. Bro you had me worried talking about watching cnn & msnbc haha. I was like damn. Glad I kept watching though. You doing good things.

  10. Unfortunately you hadn't heard of any of this because of the media you were listening too. If you haven't reacted to "Project Veritas" you might like to check those out for some content too. 🙂 Love your content and keeping it objective with facts over feelings.

  11. I'm sure no one supporting this content sees this as problematic. Instead of laying the good alone the opposition occupies space to "contrast" . It seems more like virtue signaling to me and triggering more and deeper division. I don't support Joe or Donald so my clarity has integrity. Trolling folks that support politicians is easy money 🤑. When you're triggered the signal is to band against the opposition not to have dialogue with them to figure out together who is best for everyone. Who can provide what we all can agree is deserved and fair. I want you to get something and I want to get something but this idea to provoke people anger and dismissive behavior is dangerous especially to the black community. This creator does more harm than good every time.

  12. Trump actually funded Jesse Jacksons presidential run…. Look up Judge Joe Brown talking about trump here on youtube

  13. Let's not forget Biden said if u didn't vote for him then u aren't black. How isn't that deemed racist 🤔

  14. he's not, it's Biden that's the racist…Joe said he didn't want his kids growing up in a racial jungle, he supported the KKK and gave the eulogy at David Duke's funeral (side note Dom and most of the media…you're claiming Trump said all these racist things but you don't show proof!)

  15. Keep up the good work LFR Family! Larry Elder is a great guy. Need to stick to the facts, great video!

  16. Wow! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your daughter! You don’t look old enough to have a daughter who’s going to be married! Congratulations to your entire family for gaining a new family member!♥️
    Love your show! Just came across you yesterday and have probably watched five hours of your show! Keep up the great job!
    ♥️♥️♥️GOD BLESS

  17. You are a fool to say anything positive about chump!
    Black or white, left or right!
    He is not done many things good all he has done has benefited him only.
    He is not in service!
    Education Is King

  18. Black people don’t even realize Dems are giving away high paying jobs to aliens, but they are stuck on “ Trump is a racist ! “

  19. Some of the clips are not totally accurate, it is very generalized. The first step waste executive order Obama did during his last days in office, the economy gdp was at 2.5%, which credit trump took it to 3.1% but that typically causes high inflation as we ses today.. trump asked open to slow production of oil which helps the American oil companies but the fuel prices will be high which they are now.. i do not believe Trump is a racist but the media/youtubers like this platforms are not being accurate on policy.I hope one day people will do research and stop getting their ideas from media outlets.


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