How Racist is Trump Toward Black Americans? | Larry Elder Show Reaction




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44 thoughts on “How Racist is Trump Toward Black Americans? | Larry Elder Show Reaction”

  1. Trump used the military and police to break up a peaceful BLM protest to cross the street for a photo op. When his majority white supporters was attacking the police, breaking into the Capital, and call for his VP to be hung, he did nothing. That should tell you all you need to know.

  2. Democrats do not want school choice because it will expose bad teachers and bad school policies. Every bad teacher you ever met is a liberal activist. Trying to pump your kids full of fake history and fake oppression. Also there is no time or place in history where Trump was a racist.

  3. I'm a person that knows people lie, sp when I heard Trump was racist, I went back and watched every speech start to finish, and found the clips were edited by Liars. I did the same thing for Obama back in the day, and Obama wasn't clean , BUT Trump was sparkling clean, a Prince among Men. Trump did more for the black community in one day than Obama every did in his life. Trust but verify for everyone, and Psalm 118:8, Romans 3:4, Proverbs 17:4 An evildoer gives heed to false lips; A liar listens eagerly to a spiteful tongue. Ask the Lord to show you, and he will, be vigilant, and don't allow talebearers to spread lies without hearing the truth. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO, I APPRECIATE IT.

  4. A lot of people of all colors only go by hear say or social medias. I was appalled when I watched some older Biden videos of saying things like" Poor kids have the same chances as white kids." Whaaร t!????

  5. Leave King alone ! – – – He is seeing beyond the curtain of misinformation from the Mainstream Media.
    Whether you agree or not , he is at least getting the other side of the story and that is all we ask. He then
    can make an informed decision.

  6. The reason they say voter I.D. Is racist so they can get more votes it has nothing to do with what they state that black Americans cannot get ID and is therefore; racist. It is to allow immigrants to vote for them, disenfranching Americans.

  7. School choice, Gives you the parent, the freedom to choose for your child
    The real key to " education, education equality and teacher accoutability " is parent participation
    we have to get more involved in what these leftist trained teachers are doing to our children and get
    rid of them. All they have done to 3 generations of children is indoctrinate them to the socialist order
    of things and dumbed them down. It is so sad to see it but, we have to do better starting, Now !
    We have got to fight to improve our neighborhood schools, weed out all those parents, students
    and teachers that are not there to help, learn or educate our children so they can get better jobs,
    move on to higher educations and just be better people.
    Schools are for educating to " Understanding all about the' True American way ', not training our
    future generations on how to be dependent on the socialist order.

  8. Like Trump's personality or not, you can not argue with his actions for all American Citizens.
    Please quit taking " The Mainstream Media's " word as fair and balanced, it is twisted socialist
    propaganda to take the focus off of what the extreme socialist democrat elites are doing to us
    all and the economy, the Constitution (Which guarantees our basic rights under law and guides
    our social order). They are flat out lying to us all while trying to get us fighting amongst ourselves.
    We have to unite as voters and one people to overcome these " Wolves in sheep's clothing "
    Vote these elitist self-centered criminals out of office in order to save our true American social order.
    They work for us, we do not work for them.

  9. My brother, you are seeing just how the media has been manipulating all of us for decades. The media has no interest in speaking truth and informing the people. They are out for their own agenda and their own power, much of which they get by dividing we the people and stirring up hate. Great for the ratings, isn't it? News is not news, it is propaganda. We all need to stay diligent – do our research. Look for the WHOLE story, the whole quote, the whole video in context. Because they all lie.

  10. The only racist, are the Democratic Party who perpetrated SLAVERY! The party of eugenics planned parenthood, KKK was democrat, so was Margret Sanger

  11. Im glad more Americans realised how great your former president Donald Trump was. I hope to see him back in 2022.
    -Hardcore Trump supporter from ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ.

  12. Mike Tyson (friends with Trump) "Trump ain't no racist, he's only racist because he ran for president as a republican" – Iron Mike

  13. Great video fam. Next time PLEASE wait until the end for all the commentary. Quite a few people were bamboozled into believing Donald Trump is a "racist" by mainstream media and certain politicians. Now that he's no longer President people are seeing how right he was on a lot of issues. There's an agenda he apposed and they had to get rid of him.Racism has been politicized by the left for years, but it's all coming full circle now.

  14. If u listen for urself and not the enemies of trump you will see trump has more respect for all colors than u ever have been allowed to see

  15. the absolute ignorance of this administration is the most corrupt and evil part that has to be stopped for the sake of our children and children's children

  16. People have tried everything to destroy a single person who showed by actions his intentions and his heart lays and by this trump showed up and put us first, I am sick of being put last because of the color of my skin never not for a second did I feel trump didn't put us first, the man loves us and our nation, he put us first

  17. Pay close attention to the facts not opinion or media bias against a single person and his family, what do u want a perfect politician that doesn't exist or a person who will tell u what u do wrong and how to fix ur own problems by learning from the mistakes u have made and move on and thrive

  18. Pay attention to the fact not the democrats and liberals, trump pardoned more black people than all the rest and passed funding for black colleges white men who are rasist don't give to all black education systems, check urself the list goes on and on

  19. a bunch of lies about a man who hires the best out with the rest, makes his money on who performs best not color

  20. I call bullcrap and no evidence of any of the lies told by media and misinformation that democrats are better and that's not true, get urself educated

  21. If he Runs again.. .please be registered to vote..he made alot of big charges .. and like he said ..clean the swamp.. and they got mad because they are exposed for doing NOTHING for years….nothing!!! ..
    filling their pockets with big paycheck..Trump took nothing!!! Remember pay!. Glad your now looking into what's right and who's wrong..

  22. How can a man be racist who donated to black causes and was awarded by Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton who hung around with Trump!
    Trump was never a racist until he ran for president!

  23. So your parents can choose where they want you to go to school at and you're not set to a certain district on by where you live

  24. Some people are slow but it's getting around everybody's starting to understand that Trump did nothing but bring prosperity dignity and respect back to America ….. And now we're stuck with a person that is just miserable and all his miserable friends that want to do nothing but suck this country dry like they've done for the last 30 years

  25. No he wasn't still locked up but with the parden his descendents can now have a new pride in his place in history as the first black heavy weight

  26. Now after seeing all this truth compared to what the main stream media tells you about Trump why he is always calling the media a bunch of liers

  27. He wants to issue each student a voucher that they can use to inroll in any school the bads hooks and teachers would just fade away from lack of money ๐Ÿ’ฐ it would force bad teachers to get better or lose their jobs due to lack of funding and the better school's will get better and be able to hire better teachers and pay them more

  28. I live on the gulf coast, worked in the construction industry when Katrina hit,
    Construction was booming prior to the storm and of course after because of the massive destruction.
    Then as soon as people were allowed in the area we saw a massive amount of illegals, they came they worked for cheap under bid locals and took our jobs.
    I can tell you on those construction sites before the storm was average 70 % black men.
    They all lost their jobs.
    The illegals came took our jobs and still have them today

  29. They keep claiming he's racist and makes racist statements but no one ever produces anyone these statements

  30. Yep he's so racist that up to the point he declared himself a republican he got numerous awards from the NAACP and other black organizations for his work with the underprivileged minoritys and is a personal friend of the king family and one of the people that helps him run his umpire us a black woman that is basically a number of his family she even spends Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ and other holidays in his home

  31. absolutely love what you did with this topic… humble, succinct and insightful.

  32. Lol. Just like your experience with the Uber driver, they too have no straight example of Trump being racist. It's all "feelings."


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