'House of the Dragon' actor addresses racist comments from viewers l GMA

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Steve Toussaint, who plays Corlys Velaryon in the “Game of Thrones” prequel, spoke out about being racially abused on social media since being cast.
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24 thoughts on “'House of the Dragon' actor addresses racist comments from viewers l GMA”

  1. Jesus, this is sad. I mean if ppl have a problem with him playing this role, I wonder what people will say if Nettles character is introduced. Nettles identifies as Valyrian.

  2. I think he does a very fine job.. and is a very strong character in this new show. I'm sure all actors and actresses receive backlash for whatever reason. I don't understand why it always seems to be about color and racism. I am a white person.. and I get so tired of this racism shit. This world has white people.. black people.. brown people.. red people.. and it seems racism is always about black and white. Just watch the damn show. Or don't!!!

  3. The actor is great and no one should send hateful messages to the actor.
    People are mad because it is lore breaking and makes zero sense. I personally think it was a woke casting decision and it is retarded. Has nothing to do with being black or white, simply because it makes no sense, fantasy or not. And the it's fantasy argument is dumb because I don't want a Chinese guy playing Alladin, or a swedish guy playing black panther so please stop it.

    The Targaryens are a notorious incest family like many royal families were. The Valariens were closest to them genetically, they literally come from the same land, that is why they were the house they would intermarry with. For real there are several stories about the Targaryens and Lannisters having illegitimate children simply because the hair wasn't the right color. a lot of lineage is part of these stories. I mean if you have to give all the characters white dreads to seem Valerian/Targaryen it feels very forced. They can make all the diverse characters they want, half the world is brown/black, it's called essos. Easily could have several characters without breaking lore like GOT did.

  4. get past the racist BS excuses HBO is trying to make. Changing the color is about HBOs diversity checklist. It's not racist to point this fact out. They make excuses to justify it, but if you are a fan of any series you want things to be accurate. In the book they were pale white people with white or silver hair. In game of thrones they were also pale white with blonde or silver hair, yet we are supposed to believe in the past they were not? If you are true to the origins of any book or movie series you dont want hollywood changing things bc it is politically or socially correct. Stay true to the story or make up a new one. I'd be just as upset if they made a remake for Blade and replaced wesley snipes with brad pitt b/c both the comic and the original move wrote Blade as a black man, not a pretty white boy. Same thing if they made another lord of the rings series and decided to make dwarves and hobbits 6' tall.

  5. Why is it so difficult for some White people to accept anything darker than their colour skin, it must be a brain defect or an abnormal chemical balance or just pure hate. I’ve often wondered.

    We’re all skeletons with flesh

  6. They made sure the Sea Snake wouldn’t have a legacy. Gets no whiter than that lol. Just like the Unsullied and Thor sister 😂.

  7. Reading all the comments about racists, how can skin color, religion, language etc. matter to someone and why cant they enjoy the show regardless of all those things. Well, let me ask all u virtue signallers this, IF RACE DOESNT MATTER, WHY CHANGE IT??!! WHY BLACKWASH WHITE CHARACTERS IF "RACE DOESNT MATTER"?! WHY?!

  8. It's obviously that the writers of this show see black men as cowards, homosexuauls, and unfit to be leaders. Blackmen are portrayed as degenerative characters and are despicable to watch. They should left the cast all white that way they wouldn't have to insult their black viewers

  9. I am so happy they're upset lots of emotional damage they are more aware of their minority status on this planet and the entertainment industry knowing there. Is money in being more divers cast I guess south keep them coming smiles.

  10. according to her logic you could even put a donkey to play a dragon, since is fiction. what a way to fuck everything up. the essence of r.r. martin is not here this shit is fecking boring is getting more like rings of powers.

  11. These people are lucky no one got their ass kicked over those Tarzan movies…a half naked-assed white man in the middle of Africa telling all of the natives and animals what to do. Now thats real?

  12. There will always be racism until it dies off.So you racist just go and make more daughters for the blk studs to sleep with and make more blk people 😂😂😂😂😂


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