Hickory Police Report Scam In Which Callers Are Posing As HPD…

Found on: 2022-09-28 15:55:18

Source: Hickory Police Report Scam In Which Callers Are Posing As HPD…

There is a scam being conducted in our area where scammers are posing as Hickory Police Department staff stating there is a bench warrant for contempt of court for failing to appear on a subpoena. According to a news release from the Hickory Police Department, the caller ID for the scam is 828-328-5551, HPD’s communication number.

The scammer often states that you have been under investigation for an extended period by Federal and local law enforcement and that a subpoena had been served at their office several months ago. The scammer then states a bench warrant for contempt of court has been issued and demands money be paid immediately.

Attorney General Josh Stein recently called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to adopt national protections against impersonation scams, also known as imposter scams. Americans reported more than $2.3 billion in losses caused by imposter scams to the FTC in 2021.

In these impersonation scams, the perpetrators will often impersonate government agencies to persuade victims that they must pay certain fines or fees to comply with the law and avoid arrest or legal action.

In some of these cases, the scammers claim to represent businesses, such as Apple or Microsoft, to claim that you have a security or technology issue that needs to be resolved. In addition, they sometimes pretend to be loved ones and family members to make connections with victims and use their emotions and trust to scam them out of their money.

The Hickory Police Department says that officers and co-workers do not call citizens demanding money. If you think you have been victimized by one of these scammers claiming to be with the HPD, or with any other department, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Found At: Hickory Police Report Scam In Which Callers Are Posing As HPD Staff

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