Hero Lyft Driver Teaches Deeply Racist Passengers A Lesson

Uploaded By: The Young Turks

A Lyft driver promptly kicked a racist woman and her boyfriend out of his car after they both made some wildly racist comments before the ride started. The two own a local bar together called “Fossil’s Last Stand” which has a reputation for being a racist biker bar that openly treats racial minorities poorly. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. http://youtube.com/theyoungturks/live

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“Lyft driver cancels ride on racist bar owners. He gets called “n****r lover” and threatened with a punch in the face for it. (Zero tolerance for racist assholes.)”


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Watch more at: Hero Lyft Driver Teaches Deeply Racist Passengers A Lesson

21 thoughts on “Hero Lyft Driver Teaches Deeply Racist Passengers A Lesson”

  1. This man James is a legend, I have so much respect for him. Everyone should be treated with respect regardless of race, religion or sexuality and gender. James you’re a wonderful guy and I wishing you well. Thank you for standing up against racism.

  2. As a black man, I give all props the driver for doing his part, no one should never be mistreated based on the color for their skin.

  3. The people saying she isn’t racist are so dumb. She literally apologized so she obviously knows it was wrong also????! she literally sounds relieved when she gets in the car and see hes white which is just nasty and then her boyfriend just pushes it over the edge by literally saying the hard r?? kind of outing yourself there guys for trying to defend them.

  4. some of these comments are just insane, sticking up for those racist weirdos like your life depends on it.. i know yall are unloved and smell like shit

  5. Wow. Nothing racist here. Lady was just making a comment about how a majority of taxi drivers are foreign and ethnic. If you wanna ban this, ban those two "Asian taxi drivers" jokes from Men in Black 1, I'm sure they're racist now.

  6. Well now I have proven fact that racists go out of their way to watch videos about how awful they are just so they can comment something stupid all of the racists in these comments I’m sorry your mother never loved you.

  7. This guy is one of those idiotic PC people that probably also believes that men menstruate too. Everybody knows that when you take Ubers or lyfts it's almost never white guys driving so they happen to notice with their eyes that the guy was white and commented on it. However uptight driver had to find something racist in it and be a social justice warrior idiot. You people have all been brainwashed and find racism under every Rock..

  8. “There’s plenty of them…” – no, I promise you, there really aren’t. He’s one of a kind.

  9. Sorry, it's not integrity when there's a rolling camera in your face. The dude knew this was all being captured and how he was portraying himself. Think the conversation would have gone the same if it wasn't being filmed? No, he'd have tolerated it and taken the ride.

  10. Nothing racist about it. I wouldn’t want to get in with minorities who don’t speak a lick of English and who are most likely here illegally.


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