Herman And Shawna Palomo — Omaha, Nebraska

Found on: 2022-06-24 05:07:04

Source: Herman And Shawna Palomo — Omaha, Nebraska

This husband and wife are a team of cheaters. They bring different woman and men in here relationship to build them up whilt they take the men and woman for everything. They both cheat on eachother as well as lie, manipulate, and steal. They have gonorhea as well as many other stds they spread back and forth to eachother and whoever else they bring in. They take advantage of younger woman, especially strippers or dancers. This is a very inconsiderate selfish couple that has no remorse or guilt for anything they are doing or do to these woman or men they just want to get there money and everything they have. Shawna makes herself out to be this wife and dental assistant that does donations and charities. This is all a cover up for who they really are. Shawna Palomo, Herman Palomo, and Brandon were all on AMERICAS MOST WANTED for burglaries/robberies in Omaha Ne from 2001-2010 when HERMAN PALOMO finally went and turned himself in in 2010. They are drug addicts, METH and COCAINE are there favorite. Shawna does meth every morning before she goes to work at her dental office and whenever she feels. Herman just does it when its around and hes partying. These People are criminals, they are adulterers, home wreckers, scam artists, felons, thiefs, robbers, trash, scumbags, filth, and much much more, you can also find out more alias’s and info on them on missouri case.net

Source: Herman And Shawna Palomo — Omaha, Nebraska

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