Helped a yakuza who had an accident – I saved his life – 3 years later he repaid…

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46 thoughts on “Helped a yakuza who had an accident – I saved his life – 3 years later he repaid…”

  1. A good man who saved the life of a Yakuza. Honesty is the best policy, and he did consider the possible consequences of doing business with someone in the Japanese criminal underground. He got fired unjustly, by a lying snake who wanted to get ahead. Normally in Japan, the government has bee ncracking down on the Yakuza for many years, and has been more and more strict with the Yakuza. At this point, the Yakuza have been all but castrated in Japan, they still operate, but the Yakuza can't really get away with much these days if anything.

    Getting owed a life debt by a high ranking Yakuza though is a connection not to squander, take a tempered approach though. Smart not to just dive in, and he was wise to consider the potential consequences.

    Were I in his shoes, I would have kept humble and point out things honestly to his underlings. I would have also called out Seko for being a lying sack of shit more aggressively. If he's your former boss, you don't have to be nice to him, no more kissing up to a former boss, you can tear his a new one and call him out for his bullshit! Nice to see the lying snake got the short end of the stick for his deceit! They say "No good deed goes unpunished", but perhaps a saying like "Lies deserve punishment".

    Good on that Yakuza boss for not putting up with lies.

  2. 1:44 so wait, did he save is life or prevent more serious injury somehow? this doesn't sound highly lethal… so im confused

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  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣The story was pretty good! At first I thought this was going to be a "marry my daughter" scenario. This was way better. And you can tell I'm an old guy! When I saw that damn lollipop, with that accent, bing! Telly Savalas in the old "Kojak" TV series. Only now, he's the gangster instead of the cop! So hilarious!

  5. Yakuza, mafia, triads initially started off as self preservation. However when they start wielding absolute power in their own domain, it soon become absolutely corrupted.

  6. can't help but liken the doctor who speaks to the MC after arriving at the hospital to the scientist from Luigi's haunted mansion

  7. I bet now everyone knows Seko didn't do anything on the project. 95% of it was done by Ken. Just want to see this scene, sadly there wasn't.

  8. "You may have saved his life…nothing life-threatening" Gotta wonder how many ppl in japan die from non life-threatening cuts and bruises after hearing theDr. say that. 🙂

  9. The one scene with the Yakuza Boss with a lollipop. Reminds me of the 4 kids version of one piece where sanji sucks on a lollipop instead of smoking a cigarette.


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