“He was a criminal because he had to support his son”: The…

Source: “He was a criminal because he had to support his son”: The…

Found on: 2022-06-13 21:32:36

A security camera placed on an avenue in the district of La Victoria, in Peru, captured the exact moment in which a fatal accident occurred. A man lost his life after crashing the mototaxi in which he was traveling.

The victim, identified as Carlos Quispe Reyes, approximately 28 years old, had committed a robbery, which is why he was running away. In addition, on his way, the thief ran over a woman, who had to be rushed to a hospital.

Arriving at the place where the crashed motorcycle was and Quispe’s body lying on the sidewalk, a relative assured that it was all a lie, since his relative was not a thief. He then assured that the police had shot him and as a result of that impact he lost his life. Likewise, he pointed out that when the accused was shot, his belongings and valuables were stolen.

However, in the mototaxi, with the deceased was his accomplice of thefts, Jean Pierre Buitrón Fernández, who was arrested at the scene and in his statements, confessed to the crime that both he and Quispe had committed minutes before the accident.

In an interview for a local newscast, a cousin of the thief narrated that he had already been in prison for 2 years after being accused of armed robbery.

“I know that he is a criminal, I know that he is a thief. He steals well, but it is not for him to die like that, he has a family to support, he has a son”, the woman said, trying to justify her criminal acts.

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