He made a reckless maneuver on a stolen motorcycle and died

Source: He made a reckless maneuver on a stolen motorcycle and died

Found on: 2023-01-10 19:42:24

In social networks there is more and more talk about the imprudence that many motorcyclists commit. It is common to see videos of drivers going at high speed, transferring into prohibited places or getting into small spaces where they are centimeters away from suffering a fatal accident.

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Likewise, it is usual to see young people who like to do the horse or also called ‘wheelie’, a maneuver in which the front of the motorcycle is raised, but with which the stability of the vehicle is put at riskthe ability to brake and control the direction.

In recent days, the case of a young man in Argentina who decided to do this maneuver with a borrowed motorcycle, and as can happen when carrying out these imprudent actions, had an accident that cost him his life.

According to local media, the 20-year-old was riding an orange KTM 390 Duke, and tries to do the so-called ‘horse’. Everything was recorded on a security camera. in which it is seen how the driver crashes into a Peugeot car that is parked on the road.

According to the authorities, the victim was identified as Rodrigo Andrés Marcelino.

It was a stolen motorcycle

After the accident, it is seen how a woman arrives at the scene and takes the motorcycle. When investigating, the Police find the vehicle and realize that the motorcycle, which was supposedly borrowed, had been stolen by the boyfriend of the young woman who picked it up, who He belonged to a criminal gang dedicated to vehicle theft.

Below is the video of this situation occurred in Chingolo and that has generated all kinds of reactions on social networks:

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