Hacking and Banning Risks: Roblox vs Playtika vs Supercell vs…

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Source: Hacking and Banning Risks: Roblox vs Playtika vs Supercell vs…

When you play online games, there is always a risk of having a Roblox, Supercell, Playtika, or Bethesda account hacked or banned, so knowing how to handle these situations can become critical if you want to continue enjoying your current account.

When you compare Roblox with Playtika, Supercell, and Bethesda, all of the companies approach issues like hacking and banning in slightly different ways. In all of the circumstances, you are going to be dealing with Playtika, Roblox, Supercell or Bethesda customer service.

We have used the thousands of Supercell, Bethesda, Playtika and Roblox reviews on PissedConsumer to get a better understanding of, for example, how the Roblox customer service compares with Playtika customer service centers. We have also dug through the information provided on the various gaming websites to compare Roblox with Playtika and find the companies’ answers to questions like “What can I do if my Roblox account is hacked?” or “What can I do if my Supercell account is banned?”

Read on to see how Roblox vs Playtika and Supercell vs Bethesda compare across several areas including:

The full breakdown of Roblox vs Playtika, Bethesda, and Supercell continues below.

Customer Service Experience

In order to compare the four gaming companies, we used Roblox reviews, Bethesda reviews, Playtika complaints, and Supercell complaints collected through PissedConsumer. We break that information down into the consolidated chart below.

According to more than four thousand Roblox reviews, the company has a rating of 3.5 stars out of a possible 5. Customers like the games and the Robux system but have issues with finding a Roblox account hacked as well as being scammed in the gameplay.

In one of the thousands of Roblox reviews left on PissedConsumer, one customer explained that he found his Roblox account hacked and wasn’t aware of how to contact Roblox customer service.  

The person started his/her Roblox complaint by saying “Savage1284957 hacked my and my friend account.He did it today …”

The final thought in the Roblox review was “…I tried to contact him but he diagree.”

You can reach Roblox customer service by calling (888) 858-2569.

More than one thousand Playtika reviews have created a ranking of 1.9 out of a possible 5 stars for the company. Playtika customer service was ranked at only one star according to the many Playtika reviews on the site, and customers specifically mentioned being frustrated by “poor customer service” or “being cheated.”

In a Playtika complaint, one customer explained the interaction with Amazon and Playtika customer service when the poster discovered coins he/she purchased didn’t come through to his game.

In this Playtika review the reviewer states “Over and over and over and over…..I have paid for coins through Amazon and they were never received. I complained to Amazon often and most of the time, they did not respond to my complaints…”

His final thought in his Playtika complaint was “…Playtika knows exactly what they are doing and should be shut down.”

 You can reach Playtika customer service by sending an email to [email protected]

Supercell complaints left by customers on PissedConsumer have given the company a rating of 2.7 out of a possible 5 stars. This is due primarily to customer frustrations with a “lack of communication” which has left the Supercell customer service rating at only 2 out of a possible 5 stars. While many customers say they “love the game”, many also express frustration with finding a Supercell account banned.

In the Supercell review, one customer explained finding his/her Supercell account hacked and cheated in an attempt to alert Supercell customer service to the issue.

The person started the Supercell complaint by stating “Dear sir, One player cheated me. He said he is going to sell his id. He trapped me…”

 You can reach Supercell customer service by emailing [email protected]

The Bethesda reviews on PissedConsumer have created a rating for that company of 2.4 stars out of a possible 5. This is based on 603 Bethesda reviews left on the site. Customers enjoy the Skyrim and Fallout series created by the company and are frustrated by a “lack of customer service” and a lack of support.

In one Bethesda complaint, a customer explains how frustrating it is to find a Bethesda account hacked. And seeks the resolution of the issue with Bethesda customer service by stating “This is absolutely unacceptable Bethesda i spent at the very minimum 400$ in the atomic shop… and go to character select to find that my character is gone and in the atomic shop all the *** i bought was gone!…”

The poster finished explaining his/her experience in this Bethesda review by stating “…ill be calling tomorrow yall need to fix this and do right by ur players.”

You can reach Bethesda customer service by calling them or sending an email.

What Can Be Done IF Your Account Has Been Hacked?

It’s beyond frustrating when you find that your online game account has been hacked. Fortunately, the online game FAQ pages often have a solution.

What Can I Do If My Roblox Account Is Hacked?

Roblox is there to help if you find your Roblox account hacked. According to the Roblox FAQ page, your first step when you find your Roblox account hacked is to remove any malware or add-ons. Then reset your password. The company advises contacting customer service if that process doesn’t work.  

The company also provides tips to avoid getting hacked on Roblox including using two-step verification and to recognize potential scams whey they seem too good to be true.

What Can I Do If My Playtika Account Is Hacked?

If you find your Playtika account hacked, you may be on your own to resolve the issue. Playtika does not have information about resolving a hack after the fact. The company makes it very clear in their privacy policy that they have no responsibility for Playtika hacks.

The company does have warnings about hacks and encourages players to avoid getting hacked of Playtika by avoiding messages through social media, logging out of your account after playing and to protect social media passwords.

What Can I Do If My Supercell Account Is Hacked?

If you find your Supercell account hacked, you should have an easy resolution or you may be out of luck depending on how the Supercell hack happened. According to the sticky post in the Help form on the Supercell site, the most common reason you might think your Supercell account is hacked include others logging into their account on your phone or logging in on someone else’s device.

In short, once someone signs into an account on a phone or device, that game and device are paired and you can’t access your game from another device without removing and resetting it.

What Can I Do If My Bethesda Account Is Hacked?

If you find your Bethesda account hacked, the company has clear instructions on what to do. Essentially you should clear any malware off your computer and reset all of your passwords. Then you should contact Bethesda Customer Service using the form designed for inquires about recovering accounts, including those that have been hacked.

What Can Be Done If Your Account Has Been Banned?

When you find that an online game company has banned your account, you are likely frustrated and perhaps angry – especially if you feel you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the ban. You can often find the steps to review the ban through the online game FAQ pages.

What Do I Do If My Roblox Account Is Banned?

If you find your Roblox account banned, instructions to appeal the moderation are found in the page dedicated to Roblox customer complaints and questions. If you’re trying to figure out how do I get my Roblox account back, your first step would be to visit the Roblox support page to begin the appeal process.

There are additional instructions to be considered in the appeal process as well, including a time limit and who can submit an appeal.

What Can I Do If My Playtika Account Is Banned?

If you find your Paytika account banned, it is likely due to the long list of player requirements posted on the company’s site.

The company is very clear that even if you don’t know about the rules and regulations, you can still have your Playtika account banned.

There is currently no information available to answer the question, how do I get my Playtika account back. In fact, there is no ban appeal information at all. The only other mention of bans on the Playtika site is in the Terms of Service which states “…You shall not have an Account or use the Service if you have previously been removed by Playtika or previously been banned from playing any Playtika game….”

What Can I Do If My Supercell Account Is Banned?

If you find your Supercell account banned, it may be due to breaking the terms of service provided on the company’s Safe and Fair Play page. On that page, the company answers the question of how do I get my Supercell account back, and also tries to address other Supercell customer complaints.

According to Supercell “…if you feel you have received an unjustified penalty, please contact support and we will review your case…” You can contact Supercell customer support by emailing [email protected]

What Can I Do If My Bethesda Account Is Banned?

If you found your Bethesda account banned, you are in luck. The company makes it easy to figure out how do I get my Bethesda account back. To appeal when you discover your Bethesda account banned, you simply fill out the form available through this page dedicated to Bethesda customer complaints on the company’s site.

Playing games online is very much a part of our modern internet-based society. Unfortunately, sometimes those games can go wrong and can wind up with your Roblox of Playtika account banned or hacked. When that happens, you have to rely on the company policy for resolving a banned or hacked account which can be frustrating depending on the quality of your interaction with Bethesda, Roblox, Playtika or Supercell customer service.

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