Gutfeld: Libs love to say everything is racist

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Comedian Jamie Lissow rattled off several good jokes about President Biden ‘working’ through COVID. #foxnews #gutfeld

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Watch more at: Gutfeld: Libs love to say everything is racist

22 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Libs love to say everything is racist”

  1. Just name every dog RACIST and a WACKO will adopt them 🀣🀣 so that they can save them from themselves

  2. Hannity the RINO. Bush and Cheney cheerleader two decades ago. If you dont take him down from the Fox sales pitch at the end of Gutfield then i"m going to stop watching Gutfield

  3. The majority of the following replies are racist. I'm not a lib, either. I'm an independent who judges people of their merits. I respect people no matter their race. But, I would expect nothing less from Fox News.

  4. Another comment, do you see what the democRATS, are doing the this fine non racist county? Pay really close attention folks. They are not Americans, they are communists, period. The Democrat party and just about every aspect of our country from education, law enforcement, government agencies, our military for God's sake, has been infiltrated by communist scum. Reagan warned us about this 40 plus years ago. Wake up America, if we don't fight these people, America, WILL, cease to exist.

  5. "Carl good to see u" is the funniest thing Kat ever said. I laughed. I get it.

    She'd be hot, IF her cat died, then denounced owning cats forever, gained 10lbs, and became mute.

  6. Biden has a German Shepherd named Major. Does that make him a racist and White Supremacist?
    Do black labs get adopted less frequently than Golden Retrievers due to people's inherent racial tendencies?
    Help me out here Greg.
    The suspense is killing me.

  7. The day will come when someone says 'You are a racist!!' AND the other individual responds, replies, SHUT UP! The day will come when a person is sued unlawfully for claims of being a racist, falsely accused and they may respond in retaliation, seemingly providing to 'prove the claims made against them.
    It is an important discussion, conversation to have, but at the point it leans in creating the basis for conflict, violence, a wonder if it is effective, being effectively approached. People, enough people have expressed being 'tired of it' on either side of the issue. People need to be nice to one another. Really that simple.

  8. I agree Biden is awful but you can't say he's ruining the country and say that he's doing nothing. He's doing a lot and it's all awful


  10. The most ironic part of it is that the "Woke" White Liberals are the most racist people in America because they think black people are so dumb that they need to TELL them how to think.

  11. This is a true story a true record there was a black woman that had a dog named the n word and always said come here n word!!!!🀬😠😠

  12. Because the Left have nothing to offer–not better economic times, not social harmony, nothing–all they present is themselves as the protectors against an imaginary "racist wave" headed for black people, Asians, Hispanics, and anyone willing to be fooled, in the even the Right attain political office in this country. It's the ONLY thing they even claim to offer so they push it in response to ALL things. EVERYONE opposing their policies in this scenario necessarily becomes a "white supremacist" including people who've never seen a color other than green that ever meant a thing to them (e.g., Donald Trump), a guy who thinks freedom of speech in America means freedom of speech in America (e.g., Elon Musk), and any those who oppose open borders the way KNOWN white supremacist Martin Luther King Jr. did. That the Right are so entirely LAME when it comes to pointing to this obvious fact of Leftist and now the Democratic Party rhetorical strategy makes it hard for me to want to play a sad song on the violin, however. Not a second of any day should go by when people calling themselves either conservative or otherwise on the Right in general are not calling out that this is an ugly hustle which treats black people and everyone else like half-wits. It's all they have to offer, people, why can't that fact be pointed out and mocked for the lie that it is 24 hours a day? Or don't you WANT to get rid of these people?! Seriously!


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