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Source: Genesis Healthcare / – Unprofessional services

My mother was in the Powerback facility in Baltimore on Brightfield Rd. in Lutherville. When she arrived one of the first things that she noticed was how dirty the place was. The staff will put on a friendly face/nice attitude when someone is visiting but when no one was there visiting they showed their true colors! My mom had just had back surgery & was in a great deal of pain. She had to request her pain medicine which was fine. The problem was that when she asked for her pain medicine when she was allowed to have it the staff would either ignore her or she wouldn’t get her medicine two hours later. By that time her pain was unbearable for her. One of the employees actually argued with my mom about her getting her medicine. The worker claimed that she had just started her shift & didn’t know when her last dose was. Really? Aren’t you supposed to keep a chart or records of some sort?

When my mom’s blood pressure was taken it was 165/82 when her normal pressure is 112/62. She requested that a nurse or doctor come in because she was afraid she was going to have a stroke but nothing was ever done!

My mom had a room mate when she arrived. One of the employees came in to give something to her room mate & my mom was looking at the employee. For no reason the employee said in a very nasty tone ” there’s nothing for you”! Also after the room mate was discharged the employees changed the sheets & pillow case but didn’t change the bedspread. Yuk!

My mom’s surgical area was not cleaned often enough like it should’ve been.

My mom woke up at 4:00 am one morning and walked out into the hall and down to the nurses station. There was no one manning the station and across the hall there were two employees sleeping in the Greenspring Lounge & one employee sleeping in the Schwan Lounge. This is uncalled for and very unprofessional.

My husband went to go visit my mom in the afternoon and when he got to her room she wasn’t there. My husband went out to the nurses station to find out where she was and there were two employees standing right there behind the desk and knew that my husband was standing there but they totally ignored him.

Now there were a few employees there that were kind. The Physical Therapists were very nice. But there were quite a few that were not in the PT department that were not professional and didn’t have compassion. They should not be working in a place where compassion is needed. The building needs a whole new over haul. The windows and carpet were filthy. Screens were in need of repair. The place smelled.

Of course they were having some type of inspection going on one of the days and things looked different for show purposes only. Your facility does not care or have compassion for human beings. I would never recommend anyone to use this facility. My mother went for her follow up visit at GBMC and told the nurse about her stay and the nurse had said that they get complaints about Powerback often. Something needs to be done!

Found At: Genesis Healthcare / – Unprofessional services

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