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Found on: 2022-07-09 18:25:11

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Official statement

Gary Strong – Stolen Identity – (Catfish)

case number 70032-234/7

Feb 5th 2020,

Mr. Gary Strong, pictures have been stolen by 419 AFFF West Africa, for romance, and online fraud scammers who are impersonating you; using your stolen photos to financially scam online users.

These images have been located using face  detection software, currently over 50 businesses globally have been traced using your profile pictures. Court action process presiding judge getting court decree excusing you from the frauds committed using these images. We are tracking all users of these images used and will conduct further research.

The reason your pictures are post on this forum is because one of the victims asked us to help identify if the pictures are stolen by processing a reverse image search to find result if the photos have been reported as “USED BY SCAMMER” and verify if she is in contact with a 419 online scammer. So the victim can report the scammer and request the fake social media account be deleted by the website or IM apps administrators. The photos are also added in our Scammer Photo Album Gallery for the public to be aware and alert if a scammer does attempt to contact our readers, they can propmtly report the scammer to the site administrators, so they can ban the impostor and delete the fake social media accounts.

The scam victim who recieved such request sent us a picture used to contact her on a social media website, then invited the victim to continue exchanges on Google Hangouts, and SKYPE.

(View some of the attachments where the stolen photos are reported as scammer. Also see where the photos appear in social media websites and Instant Messaging apps.)

Google Reverse Image Search provided the; multiple pages of about 5,200,000,000 results.

There are over 8 million scammers surfing the net targeting people and leaders like yourself for your identity. Circulating innocent photo victim pictures, it is impossible to delete from the internet. They are most likely surfing the dark web.

If anyone contacts you directly, please divert them to this message.

If anyone has any further concerns. Contact your State Office of Privacy Protection.

(IP addresses are being recorded, tracking all users including images used and will conduct further investigations).

“DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER” can be met with a lawsuit for falsely accusing a person of a crime, without legal proof the person accused is “guilty” of any crime.

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