FOX 26 Crime Files: Drunk driver hits house, gas station fight caught on camera

Uploaded By: FOX 26 Houston

Welcome to the FOX 26 Crime Files, our collections of crime stories from the week of May 1.

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Watch more at: FOX 26 Crime Files: Drunk driver hits house, gas station fight caught on camera

43 thoughts on “FOX 26 Crime Files: Drunk driver hits house, gas station fight caught on camera”

  1. No accountability. They do nothing to this woman as far as the punishment meeting the crime. This is why she will continue to be irrational and act an @ss whenever her feelings are hurt or ego gets bruised. Like a child. How much longer before this behavior gives the government to enact marshall law and or our freedoms taken away? How many more times will there be people walking out of stores with full carts not paying and telling store employees f you on the way out before those businesses start lobbying to have their own store "police/army" and they start laying those dummies down as they try to walk out?

  2. LoL wtf? 🤣 A marketplace or something similar to buy / sell clothing, turned out A-Riot Bennett lost her wisdom, decided to hit everything else between different gas pumps…

  3. Of course. 🤔 People with knives 🗡 ALWAYS charge at cops with guns. 🙄😒 Why wouldn't they? They clearly have the upper hand (sarcasm). 🤨🧐

  4. I'm terribly sorry honey
    Taking care of yourself and why.


    "Worldliness is causing all world crime."..


    Taking care of yourself and why.

    Qualities, the first question is why?.

    Another evil spirit from your government of the United States..

    Shut up, and don't mention paying taxes..

    The illusions of Lie Compositions..

    "Okay, don't compete with me, I don't care."..

    A person’s beliefs, values, character, needs, experience, education, and goals combine to form a frame of reference. This frame of reference acts as a filter through which he or she sees and hears. Since we all have unique combinations of these factors, our filters cause us to see and hear the same situation differently.

    Beliefs, values, character, knowledge and skills.

    Chris and Rusty's Shirt Stuff. (=Scott? (And, scott's exclusion tendencies))..

    Is that independence or Individualism?.. (The Soul Asylum is You (Soul Asylum – Runaway Train))

    Roy, (King 800,000 Dead), wants to know how long it will take to free an entire court with walls around a city and banishment the only penalty for crimes..

    If my life is only for me, why am I thinking for you? Your life is your own responsibility, and I don't owe you anything, do you want to pay your taxes in an arbitrary financial system of proven devil's?..

    "Worldliness is causing all world crime."..

    "The secret secret, which is valuable, is missing"..(Isn't valuable (State of the Economy))

    Acceptable Satanism fully, completely, and absolutely defined for evil spirits?..

    "Satan doesn't have the knowledge…

    Mourning Barrage of Laughter

    (1454) Waiting for the Sun – The Doors – YouTube

    (1454) Blind Melon – No Rain (Official Music Video) – YouTube

    Please tell your dad you would like to be sane, sensible, reasonable and responsible this morning scott..

  5. If this would’ve happened in Georgia the woman who lied and said she didn’t know the man would’ve been charged as well as a separate false statements to the police charge

  6. Thats a slap in the face saying 5 yrs. to life for stabbing a innocent child to death! He better get at least 25 yrs. the FPOS!!

  7. Damn…, all these FN ANIMALS!!!!! We Gotta adopt El Salvador new freaking awesome way of handling POS criminals. Enough is enough!!!!

  8. @4:45 if you're that upset at "gun violence," then tell your worthless and DA to start charging CRIMINALS, asking for REMAND, and keeping VIOLENT FELONS off the street.
    It's not like these shooters are first time offenders.

  9. The young, black and criminal female, generally age 15 to 30, is the new phenomenon of self-hate, failed maternal upbringing, and puts the lie to black matriarchy as a guiding force of good in black culture. Law enforcement, criminologists and the leadership of our prison and jails will tell you that the young, black and criminal female is directing and proselytizing their version of black history and finding fertile grounds for their debased doctrines in our middle and high schools, jails and prisons. Their psychic is extremely volatile and impulsive with a big dose of entitlement. The young, black and criminal female is the top priority for law enforcement throughout our nation.

  10. Blame it on the gun laws. No permits needed or conceal weapon laws. So sad. 😡People think it's the Wild Wild West out here smdh. I still don't believe this man attacked and killed this boy. He could have been contaminated.

  11. Passenger saying she doesn't know who was the driver is a lie plain and simple. The home owner should sue the owner of the car for at least 1million dollars and the police should file charges against the owner for indangerment of the public for letting an unknown person drive her car while she was in it.


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