Footage of the Dallas air show accident: crash of B-17 Flying Fortress and the…

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Footage of the Dallas air show accident: crash of B-17 Flying Fortress and the P-63 Kingcobra. The B-17 Flying Fortress, also known as the Flying Fortress, and the P-63 Kingcobra were two World War II-era aircraft that crashed during a fly-by at the Dallas air show on November 12, 2022. This footage is difficult to watch, but it’s important to share it to help prevent future accidents.

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39 thoughts on “Footage of the Dallas air show accident: crash of B-17 Flying Fortress and the…”

  1. I can not IMAGINE the terror the B17 crew went through knowing they were only going to exist for 3 more seconds as that ground approached….sad.

  2. What dickhead was flying the kingcobra he was clearly not fucking looking or trying to be a show off and caused a great loss of life and 2 amazing aircraft

  3. When a plane makes a turn they have to roll to the side (stick and rudder controls) and then pull the stick back to make it turn to the side. When this happens the plane 'mushes' a bit and it turns (and this is how Ace Gabraski in WW2 'shot himself down'…. he pulled back the stick while strafing a German airfield and his P47's prop hit the runway… bending all 4 blades and thus he crashed into a field as became a POW!)

    The P-63 pilot was going fast to catch up with the P-51s… then he rolled and turned.

    All I see from the videos of the crash is the P-63 pilot forgot the B-17 was there and when he rolled and turned the engine blotted out the 17 and he mushed into the side of the 17. Simple pilot error.

    Happens more often than you think!!

  4. War planes must always fly in formation. No stunt flying.
    Only 1 pilot was allowed to leave the formation, and go hunting on his own during the battle of britain. The British made an exception with this pilot. He went deep into The Third Reich killing german fighters, and came back without a scratch. He was flying the hawker hurricane. This pilot was a Chech, and the British never gave him what he really deserved….
    His name was Josef Frantisek.

  5. I heard that the plane that screwed up only screwed up because a drone went into the engine and the pilot lost control. Condolences to the family’s who lost loved ones🙏🏽

  6. This accident should not have happened. The inexperienced, incompetent, and negligent Air Boss told the pilot of the P-63 Cobra to switch lanes and get ahead of the slower moving B-17's which cause this crash that killed six dedicated pilots and aircrew members. Now their families will suffer the loss of their loved ones during this Christmas Holiday. How dreadful. The air boss should be held criminally liable for this senseless loss of life. Prayers for the families.

  7. These old planes should not be in the air any longer. They old and fall apart to easy. Even the old people flying them shouldn't be flying.

  8. 0:23 : "Video from the site shows the jets debris…" JETS DEBRIS!? Oh for f-ck's sake, fire your editor and writer! HOW DID A MASSIVE, BASIC MISTAKE LIKE THIS GET PAST THEM!? Calling either a B-17 and/or a P-63 a jet is like calling an 18-wheeler or formula 1 racer a draft horse! "World is Dangerous"…. Yes. It's more dangerous when you're stupid.

  9. How could this have happened? From the footage, it appeared the P-63 flew right into the Flying Fortress like it wasn't even there. Were they supposed to be simulating a combat run or something? Such a tragedy.

  10. For some reason I can imagine the kid who said “is that supposed to happen” getting his leg chewed off by an alligator and saying the same thing he said here “is that supposed to happen”

  11. few spectators there, witnessed them still alive for a brief moment, they could hear them screaming…. they said that scream will haunt them in their nightmares.

  12. Maybe you guys should exhibit more and fly less?
    That way less people would die, and all the fat focks sitting in their cars filming – being "at a real air show" – would be up on their feet, walking a museum.
    Think about it.

  13. I remember when the first compilations of cellphone vids appeared on YT! At first, I thought it was just an accident involving RC planes. But when the remains of the B17 hit the ground and exploded, I was like, "RC Planes don't make huge fireballs like that!" It was quite disturbing.

  14. My condolences to the crew of both aircraft and their families. I cannot imagine what they were going through in their final moments. I don't want to. At least it was over quickly. Rest in peace.

  15. 1:53 "Was that supposed to happen?" 🤦‍♂

    If you're old enough to put that sentence together, you're old enough to figure it out.

  16. But hey, this is great footage, it shows plain as day that the p-63 pilot had a clear line of sight of the b-17 the entire time leading up to the collision. So I don't want to hear anymore of this "ohh there's a blind spot, he couldn't see" nonsense. That shit is put to bed by this video. It's the realm of mental insanity at this point. I think they are trying to cover up what really happened by chanting this "blind spot" horsecrap. Obviously there is more to this story. The p-63 dude WANTED to plow into that b-17. He probably had some kind of issues, who knows what it was. Maybe the b-17 pilot or crew was sleeping with his wife. Maybe the p-63 was mentally fragile and just snapped. Whatever it was, it's pretty clear the reason he decided to kill himself and others was because he KNEW it would be labelled an "accident" and his family would get millions in insurance money. But nah, don't believe anything that makes sense, this guy just had a giant "blind spot" dead center in his field of vision. Sure

  17. 亡くなられたパイロットの方にはお悔やみを申し上げます。そして貴重なB17のG型が失われたのも悲しいです。


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