Florida trooper struck by drunk driver says she was 'just doing her job’

Uploaded By: FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Many people are calling Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Toni Schuck a hero, but she says she was just doing her job when she maneuvered her vehicle into the path of a drunk driver who plowed through road closures meant to protect those running in the Skyway 10K. https://www.fox13news.com/news/i-did-my-job-hero-fhp-trooper-who-stopped-drunk-driver-during-skyway-10k-recalls-moments-before-crash

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Watch more at: Florida trooper struck by drunk driver says she was 'just doing her job’

48 thoughts on “Florida trooper struck by drunk driver says she was 'just doing her job’”

  1. Thank you Florida Highway Patrol Trooper 🚓 🚔 Toni Schuck 😇 ❤ ⭐ 🥇 🏅 👏 💪

  2. Thank you for you quick thinking that’s what helped and stopped the alcoholic People need to have more repercussions when they’re driving drunk like it should be a minimum of like 50 years if you get caught driving drunk

  3. This woman’s a hero that takes massive amounts of bravery to turn into a drunk drivers car at that speed knowing she might die

  4. I can uderstand legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, but I can't understand why they legalized alcohol being that it has no medicinal or beneficial qualities.

  5. They say cops put their lives on the line every day for others. Of course, that is total nonsense and this lady just said it: "I've done this for 26 years and I've never been in this position where I've had to put myself for somebody else".

    Good on her for what she did, though… seriously… that was a serious crash and took a lot guts.

  6. thank goodness she had a 'bull-bar" on the front of her SUV…..and airbags. in Aus those front bars are use on a lot of cars, they are handy when on hyway when at high speed and confronted with a roo or cattle on the road. It was the 1st thing I looked for in the pic. This lady is a super hero, she went well and truly over and beyond the call of duty.

  7. Saw a video recently of two cops fleeing out of a grocery store and hiding when a gunman fired inside.
    Thankfully no one was hurt, but as soon as the man let out a single gunshot- the two fled, leaving a store full of customers and employees inside. One even hid with the upstairs manager.
    This lady restores some of that lost faith. She deserves the job and the respect that comes with it. I hope she's doing good.

  8. You are very much a hero and the best inspiration for others to do great things. I hope that you stay safe and have a very happy long life!

  9. The words "brave" and "heroic" get thrown around WAY too much and quite frankly IMO aren't appropriate for the subject matter at hand. This situation is no different. Calling this act "brave" or "heroic" just doesn't do this woman or this act justice. Beyond "brave," beyond "heroic!"

  10. Made me cry watching it come at her so fast 😞♥️ knowing that she knew that could be her last breath

  11. Nothing less than life is going to stop that wicked witch from killing someone. In a perfect society, she would be executed to pay for what she was willing to do to innocent people.
    I wouldn't doubt she will be drinking and driving as soon as she's out on bail.
    What a surprise she is living off a lawsuit settlement….


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