Fatal vehicle accident paralyzes for several hours a stretch of…

Source: Fatal vehicle accident paralyzes for several hours a stretch of…

Found on: 2022-06-03 12:40:00

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of the roads know it. I understand the traffic, we will be monitoring it for you and you have the application. Gustavo: As we have reported very early, a person died this morning in the traffic accident that caused the closure of a section of Interstate Highway 4. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that It happened near mile marker 110 near the city of Daytona Beach, precisely our Gonalez is live in the coverage of this unfortunate accident. good morning and forward. edwin: thank you, we are waiting for the information that the authorities can provide about the identity of the person who lost his life at this point, 110 of the interstate 4. here the traffic is rehabilitated from five in the morning, approximately for four hours, 15 minutes it was not There, it is good that you see how the traffic is now at this point on Interstate 4. Issued in the section where the fatal accident occurred, there is more than one vehicle involved, we still have no knowledge of how many injured people were affected by this accident that caused one person the chaos on this interstate that crosses the state from Florida. the traffic at this time is normal, heading west, the accident occurred around 12:45 p.m. for just over an hour it has been fully enabled in both directions of this interstate. one person died, we do not know if there are more injuries reported, or how many vehicles were involved in this accident, at least one person died and that traffic was impeded on this interstate 4,

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