Fatal sidecar accident on the way to the bulls and other…

Source: Fatal sidecar accident on the way to the bulls and other…

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The time has come to go back a century. Welcome to the news of July 1922, which shows us a Bilbao and a Bizkaia that are sometimes surprising in their differences and others, strangely similar to ours: like every month, we will copy a selection from ‘El Pueblo Vasco’ and ‘El Noticiero Bilbaíno’ and focused on events, official notices and advertising of a more local nature. They are not all the news from the same date, but they were published throughout the corresponding month, and are as is, including the titles in bold, with minor adaptations in spelling and punctuation.

Dead young man from Bilbao. In the vicinity of Gama (Santander), a serious motorcycle accident occurred yesterday afternoon, which cost the life of a well-known young man from Bilbao. Numerous fans left our village in cars and motorcycles to attend the bullfight that was held yesterday in the capital of the Mountain. Three young people were riding a sidecar motorcycle, one of them Alfonso Vázquez, dependent on a church ornaments establishment, who was traveling in the back. Without incident, they reached Castro Urdiales, where they had lunch at the La Marina inn, and at three in the afternoon they resumed their journey in order to arrive on time for the bullfight, which began at a quarter to five. Close to Gama, on a dangerous curve due to the poor conditions of the terrain, since it has a very pronounced slope, the driver of the motorcycle undoubtedly took it wide open and at quite a high speed, overturning the motorcycle (…). His Majesty the King, who passed by there on his way to Santander half an hour after the misfortune occurred, stopped to see the corpse, inquired in detail about how the event had unfolded and inquired about the state of the wounded. Alfonso’s parents, elderly people who adored his son, suffered the most painful impression that is to be expected when they received the news. In just over a year, the poor parents have lost three children.

A joke. The tavern keeper of Barrencalle Casiano Bardeci was taken a skin of wine. Once the complaint was made, the municipal police found out that the perpetrators were Eugenio Anchústegui, Teodoro Bernal and Nicasio San José. They said that the thing had no importance, that it was a joke of good law that they gave the tavern keeper, to drink the wine between the three of them and other friends. Despite the ‘good law’ of the joke, the three aforementioned subjects were made available to the investigating court.

Damn dogs! In Larrasquitu, in the hamlet called Isabeles, yesterday at eight o’clock at night two neighboring couples of said hamlet had a very violent fight, for the futile reason that a dog from one of the couples had eaten the other’s dinner. The women began and it didn’t take long for their husbands to come out in defense of them. Antonio Vadillo, one of the bellicose, seeing that his wife had the worst part, entered his farmhouse, ripped an iron bar from a bed, according to what was said, and with it attacked the other married couple, named Juan Pereda and Florentina Rentería, until both fell to the ground shocked by the blows that Vadillo gave them with the bar.

Bibliography. ‘Comic Comics from Tyrol’, by the great Austrian writer Carlos Schonherr, who gently entertains and instructs the reader about the life and customs of the Tyrolean peasant. We do not know of any work that can rival this one in good-natured grace and fine and naively picaresque at times (…). The printing of this book is one of those that accredit the good name that the Editorial Cervantes of Barcelona has managed to conquer. Price, 2.50 pesetas.

An ‘impulsive’. On the Gran Vía, the BI-1.472 truck ran over two individuals, causing slight injuries for which they were treated at the Casa de Socorro del Ensanche. One of the individuals, surnamed Diéguez, met the truck driver shortly after in Arenal and, as soon as he saw him, he pounced on him, brandishing a knife and throwing several attacks at him, fortunately without being successful. The scandal that was armed for this reason was one of those that make time.

Advertisement published in July 1922.

Advertisement published in July 1922.

Against the maid. The court of the Ensanche district has upheld a complaint signed by a resident of Fernández del Campo street, accusing a maid who took over in April, the one who went to change a one hundred peseta bill and did not return. Also, she took an umbrella from the lady, because she was raining.

A revenge? The 24-year-old Natalio Baranda Ortiz, when he was going home, was met by several unknown individuals on the Zorroza highway, who blocked his way and pounced on him, beating him. Until they saw him bleed, they didn’t leave. Natalio went to tell the guards what had happened and they took him to the Tribis Arrospe pharmacy, where he was treated.

Girl with burns. At her home, the four-year-old girl Saturia Anda suffered burns to her face, hand and left wrist when a stove lamp exploded.

Surveillance Police Station. In the street of San Francisco the well-known pickpocket ‘El Madrid’ has been arrested. Upon getting off the North Post Office, the trade thief known as ‘El Valladolid’ was arrested.

the neutral, tailor shop, opening soon. Installment sales. Hurtado de Amézaga, no. 11, store.

has been denounced a flat on Calle de la Ronda because, in addition to several people living in unhygienic overcrowding, the room lacks water, a kitchen and other services.

Quarrels and scandals. They have been denounced: two subjects for mercilessly mistreating a donkey and, when reprimanded by the owner, one of the “funny” slapped him, promoting a strong scandal. Two women for fighting on the stairs of a house in Alameda de San Mamés. And a man and a woman for insulting each other.

Bibliography. ‘The sunbaths’, by Dr. Castell. Editorial Cervantes. Barcelona. An indispensable and useful book for people, healthy or sick, who need to expose themselves to the sun’s rays. It gives the guidelines so that, when taking sunbaths, we drive away diseases, and indicates the dangers of those who, without method or orderly plan, indulge in long and unplanned exposure to the sun. Price, one peseta.

Advertising for Exibard, an asthma remedy

Advertising for Exibard, an asthma remedy “without opium or morphine.”

Another robbery. Yesterday the municipal guard was informed of a robbery perpetrated on Sunday afternoon on the 2nd left floor of house number 8 on Hurtado de Amézaga street. The room is occupied by the family of D. Rafael Yhon, currently spending the summer in his house in Las Arenas. The thieves, with a crowbar, forced the door of the stairs. Once inside, they rifled through furniture and clothes and banged on the safe. Some 9,437 francs were seized from her. The box appeared in the hall. Work is being done to find out who the perpetrators of the robbery are, although it is believed they are some young people who, pretending to be strikers, constantly walk through the houses on the streets of the Ensanche. In the report given to the governor by the head of Surveillance, Mr. Canseco, it is stated that the thieves took, in addition to the 9,437 francs in bills reported by the municipal guard, 49 Spanish, Japanese and Mexican gold coins , five old silver coins, 200 two-real silver coins, some American binoculars, an automatic pistol, a gold fist with diamonds and sapphires from an umbrella and other effects (…). The head of Surveillance is of the opinion that the perpetrators of the robbery of Mr. Yhon’s house are not professionals, but hungry people, perhaps individuals without work, since they should not have used crowbars to force the door of the stairwell and the safe, but bent irons that they carried for that purpose. These people go around the floors asking for alms, saying that they are strikers, and when they see that on some floor there is no answer, that detail serves as a warning to them to operate as they please.

Cause for parricide. In the first room of the Court, the case against Juan Bautista Goicoechea was seen yesterday. According to the prosecutor, on the night of December 4, 1920, the defendant repeatedly attacked his wife with a knife, inflicting several wounds on her that caused her death (…). The defense attorney denied such facts, noting in his speech that the defendant defended his honor (…). The verdict was not guilty.

Sentenced to six years. In the first room of the Hearing, the prosecutor Francisco Gutiérrez was accused yesterday by the prosecutor, Mr. Solano, of having entered the house-chalet that Mr. Pedro Mac-Mahon owns in Las Arenas, being surprised by this gentleman and the maid at the moment in which he seized three cigars valued at 6.90 (…). The jury, taking into account that the accused had already served three sentences for crimes against property and that at the time of entering Mr. Mac-Mahon’s villa he was carrying loaded firearms, returned a guilty verdict and the Court of Law imposed six years, one day and the costs to the delinquent.

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