Fatal outrage in Puerto Lumbreras: «It has been a catastrophe….

Source: Fatal outrage in Puerto Lumbreras: «It has been a catastrophe….

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The place where the young people were run over. / andrés ribón / agm

The municipality mourns the death of a 19-year-old who was run over with two high school classmates at dawn on Saturday by a tourist after graduation dinner

John Ruiz Palacios

They had just graduated and they celebrated in style at Mesón El Cortijo, a restaurant located on the outskirts of Puerto Lumbreras. After the Baccalaureate students of the IES Rambla de Nogalte had a great time at dawn on Saturday, around half past six in the morning, three of them decided to return on foot along the service road parallel to the A7 motorway. But a driver who was traveling on this road hit them. One of them, Pedro, died on the spot, while his two companions, Lucía and Alejandro, were injured, the latter with a serious prognosis.

According to police sources, “the kids were coming to celebrate their graduation, and a driver took them ahead. Lucía has already been discharged, and Alejandro seems to be recovering, although he remains in the ICU. He is conscious and stable, but this has been a catastrophe; the people are dismayed.”

The same sources indicated that the driver of the car, after the accident, got out of the vehicle to try to help the injured. Several calls alerted the 112 Emergency Coordination Center of the Region of the event. To the place, at kilometer point 647 of that road, members of the Local Police and the Civil Guard traveled, as well as the health services, which certified Pedro’s death. The doctors transferred Lucía and Alejandro to the Rafael Méndez de Lorca hospital.

“The driver of the car was subjected to a breathalyzer test by the members of the Civil Guard,” said the aforementioned sources, who did not reveal the results of the analysis, although they did detail that he was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of homicide. by recklessness. “Now the causes of the incident are being investigated, which is what is being tried to clarify.”

Mourning in the municipality

The City Council regretted the event. Sources from the Corporation pointed out that «the students of the IES Rambla de Nogalte and that the entire town are experiencing very hard times, since this is a tragedy that will be difficult to forget. The classmates of the deceased student are devastated.”

One of the teachers of the educational center told LA VERDAD that the funeral was officiated this Sunday at ten in the morning. “We are broken, shattered. It has been a very tragic situation », she commented with a lump in her throat. “We found out about the news because the institute’s management team sent a message to the teachers. And since then we are very shocked. We have accompanied Pedro’s family in these hard times, but it will be an irreparable loss.”

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