Fatal crash on State Highway 100

Source: Fatal crash on State Highway 100

Found on: 2022-07-14 10:23:44

When passing the municipality of Colón, the collision between a truck and a car occurred, in which the driver of the latter lost his life.

By Nicasio Mendoza


In a dangerous curve, a fatal accident originated, where a man lost his life inside a Ford brand car, in the other vehicle – a white Nissan pick-up truck – its driver was seriously injured. The accident occurred in the early afternoon of yesterday, on state highway 100, Paraíso-Tolimán.

At the scene of the incident, it was said that the stake-type Nissan truck was circulating from south to north, while the gray Ford vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction, but as it was passing a long curve, one of the two vehicles invaded the opposite lane, causing the frontal collision, with the terrible results mentioned above.

Agents from the State Police, Firefighters from Ezequiel Montes and the municipality of Colón attended the scene, who were in charge of providing care to the wounded man, who was rescued from his truck and transferred to the General Hospital of Cadereyta de Montes, for prompt medical attention. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for the driver of the Ford car, since he died instantly from the brutal crash.

The area was cordoned off by state and municipal police from Colón, awaiting the arrival of the competent authority, who would take charge of the situation.

After a couple of hours, forensic doctors and Crime Investigation Police (PID), from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), arrived at the scene, focusing on carrying out the first inquiries of what happened and once the diligence was over , the forensic experts ordered that the body be recovered from the vehicle and transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, to carry out the necropsy of law.

Derived from the fact in the FGE, a Single Investigation Folder was initiated, where responsibilities will be determined later.

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