Fatal accident Valencia | A blind man dies after falling down the…

Source: Fatal accident Valencia | A blind man dies after falling down the…

Found on: 2022-09-15 05:15:25

The National Police is investigating the accidental wrongful death of a 58 year old blind manI know he passed away yesterday fall down the ascent holer of his farm, in València, from the access of the third floor. Was the elevator company operator who had come to the property to repair the deviceout of order since early yesterday, who discovered the lifeless body of the man, at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

According to information being carried out by the Homicide group of Valenciathe deceased, who resided in the fifth and last floor of the building, located at number 5 of the Gran Vía Ramón y Cajal, tried to take the elevator on his floorbut, seeing that he did not answer the call and that the door would not openhe must have thought he was standing on some floor because someone would have left the door open, so started down the stairs.

The man tried in the roombut the door it didn’t open eitherso went down to the third. Once there, the door did openor, so he thought that was where he was being held the device and took a step forward, falling into the void. The elevator, which was broken, a circumstance that the victim must have been unaware of, I was actually stuck on the fourth floorwhich is why the technical service had been called.

Now, the National Police tries to find out how could the door be opened of the elevator on the third floor if the device was not at that height or if someone left it open, which caused the man to end up falling through the hole. Another point is to try to establish what time did the accident occur and why did no one find it until the operator arrived.

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