Fatal accident on the A-52 in Ponteareas

Source: Fatal accident on the A-52 in Ponteareas

Found on: 2022-10-04 06:28:34

Fatal accident on the A-52 at the height of Ponteareas. The local police have reported a hit a man on the highway last morning, around midnight from Monday to Tuesday.

The accident happened in the surroundings of one of the gas stations that are at the exit of the municipality. The security forces and medical services went there, and they could do nothing for the life of the victim.

For unknown reasons, this 52-year-old man burst onto the road and was run over.

The driver of the vehicle involved, who was wearing a seat belt, gave negative drug and alcohol tests. The Civil Guard is considering several hypotheses about the reasons why the pedestrian broke into the highway, including that he did so voluntarily.

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