Fatal accident on the A-357, near Casarabonela, after…

Source: Fatal accident on the A-357, near Casarabonela, after…

Found on: 2022-12-25 20:33:13

A frontal collision between two cars this Sunday -Christmas day-, on the A-357, near Casarabonela, has caused several people to remain trapped inside the vehicles, for which reason the presence of the fire brigade has been required, which have confirmed that “There are dead and injured people”.

Around 6:40 p.m., the 112 Emergency service received a notice of a serious accident after two cars collided head-on on the A-357 as it passed through the Malaga town of Casarabonelaas reported by the coordinating center to this newspaper.

Immediately, the firefighters, the Civil Guard and the health services have been activated, who have confirmed the presence of deceased and injured people. Although, the total number of those affected is unknown at the moment.

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Tragic week on the roads

Two days ago, one person also died and another was injured in a traffic accident registered at dawn in the AP-7 as it passes by Malaga. The events occurred during the early hours of this Friday when 112 received a notice warning of the overturning of a car at kilometer 227 from the AP-7. According to the first information provided by the Traffic Civil Guard, the presence of an ambulance and firefighters was necessary due to people trapped inside the vehicle.

Agents from the Armed Institute, the Málaga Fire Department, Road Maintenance and health services went to the place, confirming the death of a person about whom no further information about his identity was disclosed.

The Firefighters released a 34-year-old woman trapped inside the vehicle who was later evacuated by health resources until the Malaga Regional Hospital.

This Tuesday, a 72-year-old motorist also lost his life on the MA-20 as it passes through Málaga capital. The 112 Andalucía Emergency system received a notice about 10:00 a.m. warning of the accident, occurred on the MA-20, at the height of El Corté Inglés Bahía Málaga. Apparently, the motorcycle went off the road and there were no other vehicles involved in the accident.

Likewise, this month, on December 1, a woman and a man were killed and a four-year-old child was injured in a traffic accident happened in the Las Pedrizas highwaythe A-45in the municipal term of Antequera. So far this December, four people have died on the roads of Malaga.

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