Fatal accident on the 57

Source: Fatal accident on the 57

Found on: 2022-08-27 01:42:00

San Luis Potosí, SLP.- A woman lost her life when she was traveling in her vehicle on the highway to Mexico. The accident occurred when a fifth-wheel tractor with a platform as a trailer, loaded with steel tubes, left the road. asphalt folder and the load became untied, then one of the tubes fell on the vehicle where the now deceased was traveling, which was destroyed on the left side.

In the afternoon, in the 911 emergency service, it was reported that, about three kilometers from the main entrance to Santa María del Río, an accident had occurred and, apparently, a woman had been injured. The report was passed to the paramedics of the municipality who immediately moved to the scene to provide support.

When they arrived, they took on the task of checking the victim’s body, however, she no longer showed vital signs, they notified the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office so that agents from that unit could come to start the processing of the mishap scene, as well as well as expert personnel.

The now deceased was traveling in a Mitsubishi car, icing, with plates from the state of Querétaro, was in her normal lane, when suddenly in front of her a platform-type truck apparently had problems with the load, it had tubes and apparently they got away the belts and when moving caused the operator to lose control of the steering wheel and go off the road, to fall into the dividing ditch.

One of the iron tubes fell on top of the car, which suffered severe damage and the woman who was traveling in the car received severe blows and the car remained there, off the road, with the body inside.

Officials from the National Guard arrived to take notice, they also expedited traffic on the highway. They were also agents of the Investigative Police.

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