Fatal accident on state highway 123; 3 dead

Source: Fatal accident on state highway 123; 3 dead

Found on: 2022-07-11 11:00:05

A car ended up colliding head-on with a tree.



Fatal departure from the road of a car, where it ended by colliding with a tree, the event left three people dead, including two women and a male, the three ranging in age from 25 years of age, the unfortunate accident was recorded at dawn yesterday, at kilometer 3 of state highway 123 La Valla – La Fuente.

The Nissan Versa brand car, in black, with license plates for this state, was driven towards the community of La Valla, however, for unknown reasons, the driver lost control of the steering wheel, which gave rise to The car left its lane and hit a tree, from the strong impact the vehicle was totally destroyed, with its driver and two women dead, pressed between the twisted iron.

Volunteer Firefighters, Civil Protection, emergency medical and rescue services arrived at the scene, this for the help of the injured, however nothing they could do, since its three occupants were already dead.

The area was secured from a great distance by State Police agents, this pending the arrival of the Prosecutor’s Office, who would be in charge of carrying out the corresponding procedures. After spending a couple of hours, Police Crime Investigators and forensic doctors arrived at the scene, focusing on making the part of what happened.

Once the expert opinion was completed, they ordered that the bodies be recovered from the vehicle, to which the Firefighters took on the task, after a few minutes of hard work, finally the bodies were recovered and uploaded to the forensic ambulance, and so on. make their transfer to the morgue, to perform the necropsy of law.

Once the situation was controlled, the remains of what was a vehicle were transferred in a crane to a corralón, it should be mentioned that, this time there was no crime to pursue, since everything indicates that it was an accident on the part of the deceased today , derived from possible carelessness at the wheel.

State police arrived at the scene to secure the area of ​​the mishap.

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