fatal accident of a bus in Tila (Chiapas)

Source: fatal accident of a bus in Tila (Chiapas)

Found on: 2022-06-17 18:21:00

At least eleven people died and 26 more were injured, three of them in critical condition, when flip a bus with 37 passengers returning from a pilgrimage trip in the municipality of Tila, in the state of Chiapas (southern Mexico), reported Civil Protection. The Tila City Council and the Chiapas authorities reported that the accident occurred early in the morning. According to the authorities, the devotees of the Black Christ or Lord of Tila were returning to their place of origin, in the state of Tabasco, after participating in the annual religious festival, when the bus driver lost control and plunged into the ravine.

The Tulijá Tseltal Chol delegation of State Civil Protection first confirmed to Efe nine people dead, but the number rose to 11 after being transferred to the hospital. The injured are being treated in hospitals. of Tila, Salto de Agua and Palenque, and the authorities estimate that the number of fatalities could grow.

The rescue and relief groups They were not enough to attend to the emergency, so citizens joined in transporting the wounded. “It is a marginalized hospital and there are no doctors (in Tila), that is why they were transferred to several municipalities and even to Villahermosa,” José Galmiche, a resident who gave aid to victims and wounded, told Efe. Tila, Chiapas, has been and is the ceremonial center of the venerated Black Christ or Lord of Tila, who gathers on January 15, Holy Week and Corpus Christi Thursday, a large number of pilgrims from Choles and from the southeast of the country come to venerate him. .

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