Fatal accident – News from Querétaro

Source: Fatal accident – News from Querétaro

Found on: 2022-10-09 13:37:09

By Nicasio Mendoza


An older adult died and his partner was seriously injured when the truck they were driving left the road, which ended up overturned. The accident occurred yesterday morning at kilometer 62 of state highway 200, in its section between Tequisquiapan and Hidalgo.

The truck involved in the accident is a Chevrolet Blazer type, green, with FHS-43-67 license plates for Coahuila. It is presumed that the cause of the accident was due to the loss of control of the steering wheel by the driver, which caused the unit to leave its lane and collide with the slope of the hill, to finally be overturned on the asphalt.

Municipal police from Tequisquiapan and state agents arrived at the scene, followed by paramedical personnel and Volunteer Firefighters who were in charge of providing assistance to the woman, who due to her serious injuries was transferred to the General Hospital of the Eastern Zone, in the municipality of San Juan del Rio, as for the male, the woman’s husband, unfortunately nothing could be done, because of the impact he died instantly.

The area was secured by the police, minutes later Crime Investigators and forensic doctors arrived at the scene, focusing on carrying out the investigations of what happened and once the diligence was concluded, they ordered that the body be recovered from the truck, to be transferred to the forensic medical service, for the practice of the autopsy of law.

It is worth mentioning that although it is presumed that although everything indicates that it was due to an accident, a Single Investigation Folder was initiated in the State Attorney General’s Office.

State police were the ones who took the part of the accident, and once the situation was controlled, they ordered a crane to transfer the injured truck to a corralón, this while responsibilities are determined.

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