Fatal accident in Villaviciosa

Source: Fatal accident in Villaviciosa

Found on: 2022-10-04 07:30:51

One person has died and another has been injured in a traffic accident in which two vehicles were involved on the AS-380, at kilometer point 19, in Villaviciosa, at the height of the SERIDA, on the Les Baragañes straight.
The Firefighters of the Emergency Service of the Principality of Asturias (SEPA) had to release the drivers of both vehicles, a van and a car. Agents from the Villaviciosa and Piloña parks traveled to the place together with the head of the eastern zone.

Firefighters proceeded to release the driver of the van after confirming that the other affected was deceased. The wounded man was treated at the accident site by the Villaviciosa Primary Care team and was evacuated, with a reserved prognosis at the expense of more tests, at the Cabueñes Hospital, in Gijón, in the basic life support ambulance in the area. Until the place, the Gijón mobile UVI had also been activated, whose service was canceled after the Maliay health team confirmed the death of one of those affected and the prognosis of the injured.


After receiving the corresponding authorization, the deceased driver was released by firefighters from the Villaviciosa park. The crew displaced from Piloña returned to their base. The Civil Guard took charge of all the paperwork to proceed with the removal of the body.

The 112 Asturias Emergency Coordination Center received the notice at 07:04. In the call they indicated that two vehicles had collided head-on and there were people injured and trapped in both. At 07.24 hours, firefighters confirm that there are two trapped, one in each vehicle

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