Fatal accident in Mallorca | Consternation in Campos over the…

Source: Fatal accident in Mallorca | Consternation in Campos over the…

Found on: 2022-07-30 09:03:00

The locality of fields has woken up dismayed by the biker death Antoni Vanrell, 48, who crashed into the wall of a house in the village last night. The man, who was single and had no children, was well known and appreciated in the municipality. An autopsy will be performed on Monday to clarify the circumstances of his death.

According to the data provided by the Campos Local Police and the Civil Guard, the traffic accident occurred on Rambla street, very close to the La Parada bar, at half past ten at night. The deceased was riding a large-capacity Honda motorcycle and crashed for unknown reasons against the wall of a house. When the municipal agents They arrived, he was still breathing. For half an hour they desperately tried to recover his vital signs, but all efforts were useless and when the 061 paramedics arrived, his death was confirmed.

Antoni Vanrell, 48, was well loved in Campos.

A lane was closed to traffic so that the emergency teams could act, which caused considerable retention at the entrance to Campos. This morning, many neighbors have learned of Antoni’s death, which has caused great consternation. Apparently, the victim worked in the field. he carried all my life living in Campos and he was a very well known person. The sources consulted indicated that in the section where the accident occurred, it is not possible to drive at high speed, so the circumstances of the accident are still not clear.

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