Fatal accident in Copilco: one person dead and 2 injured…

Source: Fatal accident in Copilco: one person dead and 2 injured…

Found on: 2022-10-05 10:18:10

A vehicle crashed with a scooter in the Copilco mayor’s office and a deceased person is reported. (Photo: @RaulGtzNR)

During the early hours of this October 5, a strong accident was recorded on Avenida Copilco, south of Mexico City, exactly at the height of Cerro del Agua in the Coyoacán mayor’s office. They were two women and a man who were traveling aboard a scooter and were hit by a vehicle.

According to the first reports, very close to the Copilco subway station on Line 3 Universidad-Indios Verdes, a white Versa model car allegedly collided brutally with them. So far and according to unofficial information circulating on social networks, the man who was driving the motorcycle died, while the other two young women were seriously injured, one of them even had to be transferred to a nearby hospital.

Security elements and aid personnel arrived at the scene of the tragedy after a report made on the 911 emergency line. When conducting the protocol review, the authorities reported that none of the crew members aboard the scooter were wearing a helmet at the time of be ejected from the two-wheeled motor vehicle.

For his part, the driver of the Versa was already arrested and was taken to the Public Ministry of the Coyoacán mayor’s office. Likewise, some versions that were spread on social networks say that the scooter presumably passed the stop, which would cause the strong impact.

The site was cordoned off by security elements to proceed to remove the body and start with the investigation folder and clarify the facts that led to this fatal accident.

The night brings with it a series of accidents and endless dangers in the city, especially vehicular mishaps. Such was the case of a deadly accident that occurred on September 30, when the driver of a medium-sized car lost control and ran over several diners at a food stand and directly crashed into a bakery in the Gustavo A. Madero city hall. .

The events took place exactly on Volcán Ajusco street between Volcán Popocatépetl and Volcán Camalote de la Col. La Pradera. Six people were injured by being run over and after the accident, Internet users began to share what happened through social networks, mentioning in the comments the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC) and the Red Cross to come to support to the injured.

Unfortunately, hours later the authorities confirmed the death of one of the people due to the serious injuries he suffered after being run over and hit by the car.

A vehicle entered a bakery in the GAM city hall and ran over 5 people.  (Photo: Twitter screenshot)A vehicle entered a bakery in the GAM city hall and ran over 5 people. (Photo: Twitter screenshot)

That same morning, around dawn on October 1, another crash was recorded, but this time in the center of the city, precisely in the Glorieta de Reforma where the ahuehuete tree is planted. According to the first reports, the driver of the model vehicle identified as BMW was intoxicated, which caused him to lose control and crash directly into the wall surrounding the tree.

After securing the scene, the security elements proceeded to transfer the man who was driving the luxury car to the Public Ministry closest to the area, so that his legal situation can be decided.


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