Family Guy RACIST ASIAN Jokes Compilation

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42 thoughts on “Family Guy RACIST ASIAN Jokes Compilation”

  1. "they build stuff very fast in Asia"
    Meanwhile here in a part of the Philippines, it took 2 years to build 1 McDonald's fast food restaurant

  2. i like how people say their mostly smarter people in asia but still say asia people are dumb and im from the philipine and were different from the other asia people cuz were dummer and nicer

  3. people in japan actually work less then the us on average cause they dont have to work 2 jobs to survive or get education or healthcare

  4. Before covid if there was a zombie apocalypse you can kill and eat your family and friends but with covid you will be scared of covid

  5. Honestly I am Asian myself but I don’t get why people get mad at jokes about our culture I honestly find it more funny than other jokes

    I feel like jokes about your culture is more funny because you can “relate” honestly this is one of my favorite family guy compilation videos and I’m not mad at all

    Also At the end he saying it’s not funny and stuff but I find this hilarious

    They got an Asian approval

  6. bro litterly laughs at racist joke also him "i do not laugh at these racist joke and you will never catch me doing that"


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